September 3, 2021

Endurance United Junior Race Support Info Meeting: Wednesday, September 15th 7:00pm

Endurance United will be hosting an informational meeting via zoom regarding our current plans for winter race support for the CXC Junior Cup series. Please email John Richter, and Liz Peterson, to be put on the zoom invite list.

Endurance United Juniors are a cohesive team spread across multiple schools in the metro area built around respect, fun, support, and a strong work ethic. Endurance United Junior Team athletes encourage each other, give 100% effort, and are strong members of their EU Junior team, high school team, and the larger community.
Join us Wednesday, September 15th to learn about what racing as an Endurance United club team athlete is all about!

Keep getting outside and staying active!

Liz Peterson
Program Director/Head Junior Coach

John Richter
Executive Director