Piotr Bednarski

May 16, 2022

Training Presentation and Summer LNR and Loppet Run Programs

You are invited to a presentation by Piotr Bednarski, Loppet Sport Director with special guest, 1500m World Champion, Abdi Bile


The How and Why of Endurance Training-  

At the Trailhead, Monday, May 23rd, 6:30pm 

-in person at the TRAILHEAD, zoom also available

-with examples for xc skiing, running and cycling.  

-examples of important differences between youth and adult training

-training zones, how to “cycle” your training, common training mistakes

-please RSVP here:  RSVP for Presentation

-zoom invite and recording link will go out to those who RSVP


Loppet Sport Summer Training Programs!!!   Registration Open!

Adult Strength Training for Endurance Athletes-   mobility, injury prevention, and Power!

Loppet Nordic Racing-   Junior and Adults Summer Programs

Loppet Run 365-  run this Summer with Coach Abdi Bile, former World Champion