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Rollerskiing 101: Skating Technique

May 29, 2002

With only three or four months of on-snow skiing per year (when we're fortunate), many of us rack up as many or more kilometers rollerskiing than on the "real stuff." As always, working to improve your technique can help to make you a more efficient and faster skier.

Factory Team member Chad Giese graciously set up a very early season video session with us. We shot footage of Chad utilizing the three major skate techniques, as well as a few examples of transitions.

Training Consultations
Chad Giese offers one-on-one private consultations to help improve your training and technique. Funds raised help reach his goal of the 2006 Olympics.

V2 Alternate: Also known as "2 skate", "open field skate" or "single dance". A single double-pole push per pair of skate strokes. The primary skate for flat sections.
   V2 Alternate - Chad Giese
   V2 Alternate - Chad Giese (slow motion)
V2: Also known as the "1 skate" or "double dance". A double-pole accompanies each skate stroke. The technique requires good glide balance. Good for slight uphills, uphill transitions, and pure speed.
   V2 - Chad Giese
   V2 - Chad Giese (slow motion)
V1: Also known as a "offset", "stagger" or sometimes "paddle dance". Similar to the V2 alternate, but the poles are planted offset and there is a shorter glide phase. The primary hill climbing technique.
   V1 - Chad Giese
   V1 - Chad Giese (slow motion)
Transition: Once you've got a handle on all the techniques, the next trick is learning when and how to transition between them. This clip shows you a few examples as Chad skis on some uphill terrain.
   Transition - Chad Giese

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