Test run of the snowguns, Birkie Trailhead, October 22, 2021
Mississippi National Ski Trails, January 15, 2017 (Credit: Marie Torkelson)

Pioneer Midwest: JNQ Race Service

October 23, 2021
Pioneer Midwest is offering neutral race service this winter for junior and youth athletes that do not have wax support from their local club or high school team. This waxing service is offered for both skate and classic events.

Miners Park Group Annual meeting Oct 27th

October 22, 2021
The Friends of the Miners Memorial Heritage Park will hold its annual meeting on Wednesday Oct 27th at Cold Iron Brewing in downtown Ironwood beginning at 5 p.m. Pizza will be provided with beverages available at the bar.

Endurance United: Turkey Day Trail Trot

October 21, 2021
Bring yourself and those you are thankful for to the Thanksgiving morning Turkey Day Trail Trot, Nov 25th, at Battle Creek Regional Park! 5K/10K options, start your day on beautiful trails and in good company. The Turkey Day Trail Trot is a part of the Urban Trail Series put on by Endurance United. Register by Oct 24th for the lowest price.

Turkey Birkie Ski Lessons

October 21, 2021
The new Thanksgiving tradition, the Turkey Birkie, is set for Nov 26-28th at the Birkie trailhead in Cable. CXC will be providing ski lessons each day, and are open to all abilities -- register today.

Ski Hut: Nordic Skis Buying Guide

October 20, 2021
Ski Hut has produced a series of Nordic buyer's guides -- the first one covering cross-country skis. Getting the "skinny" on Nordic skis, including the difference between fish scale and skin skis.

Red Wing Lighted Ski Trails Effort

October 20, 2021
The City of Red Wing has approved a Red Wing Nordic proposal for 3.3K of lighted trails at Mississippi Links Golf Course. Now they need to raise the funds to complete the lighting project -- help out today.

Telemark Conservancy Pig Roast This Saturday

October 17, 2021
The Landmark Conservancy is hosting a pig roast in Cable this Saturday, Oct 23rd. Reserve your ticket and come out to learn about their land purchase that will become the Telemark Forest Preserve.

Three Rivers Clubs and Winter Programs

October 14, 2021
Three Rivers Cross-country ski clubs, lessons and programs will open for registration next week on Tuesday, Oct 19th. Find programs at Hyland and Elm Creek for beginners and immediate.

Master Plan Reviews

October 13, 2021
A couple of active reviews of master plans and updated regulations are on-going:
Battle Creek - A public review period for the master plan is open thru October 31st.
Cleary Lake - An open house to review the master plan is set for October 16th.

World Cup Writer Opening

October 13, 2021
Big fan of the World Cup? Watch every race, reviewing all the results, dig into the social media? And enjoy writing? Consider a contract writing position, covering the World Cup and Olympics this season.

CSS Ski Team: Raise To Rise Week

October 12, 2021
The College of St. Scholastica Nordic ski team is taking on the rest of the CSS athletics in a fundraising drive this week. Participation will be measured by the total number of gifts, so even the smallest donation helps them win.

Finn Sisu: Team Birkie Clinic this Saturday

October 12, 2021
Team Birkie and Finn Sisu are sponsoring a free dryland training event for skiers of all ages this Saturday, Oct 16th at 8:30 am at Battle Creek. The session will include a discussion of technique, a workout (easily scalable!), and analysis. All three Team Birkie coaches will be there to support the session with technique, video, and feedback!

Web Roundup

October 11, 2021
Here, There and Everywhere - After spending time training at the Oberhof ski tunnel, Jessie Diggins recaps coming home to celebrate a birthday and continue training stateside.
A Flight at Either End of the Tunnel - Traveling across the pond and back again, Alayna Sonnesyn brings readers up to speed with her training as the summer winds down.
Summer's End Around the Bend - From “The Last Frontier," Rosie Frankowski offers her synopsis of what has be a jam-packed summer.
I am Iron (Wo)Man - Weathering life's punches, Jan Guenther reflects on completing a challenging, albeit fun, eighth Ironman.
A Few Things to Keep in Mind - Five tips for increasing your mental fitness, brought to you by Hannah Rudd.
Start Your Engines! - Two big rollerski races in the Northeast capped off a collaborative training camp featuring some of the nations top skiers.
You're Gonna Need a Bigger Plow - Predictions from AccuWeather are forecasting an above-average winter.
Fall FIS Forum - Following their autumn meetings, the World Cup Committee discloses their conclusions and proposals.
Arctic Antarctica - Despite global trends of breaking record highs, the South Pole is breaking record lows.
A Matter of Time - After finding a lone 1,300-year old wooden ski back in 2014, archaeologist have finally uncovered its mate.
The Hills We Die On - There may not be many in the Twin Cities, but there are a few that consistently get the heart rate elevated.
Have Anxiety? Go for an Anxie-ski - According to a recent study, skiers may have a significantly lower risk of getting diagnosed with anxiety disorders.
From "Go!" to Snow - Hours into a 50-mile ultramarathon, participants had to be rescued after facing a surprising challenge: near-whiteout conditions.
An Attractive Alternative - For those skeptical of traditional clip-in pedals, J-Pedal's magnetic clipless pedals may have a different pull.
Top of the Heap - A project to build an indoor ski facility on top of an old landfill in Fairfax County, Virginia is raising a bit of a stink.