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Skinnyski.com is dedicated to covering cross-country skiing in the upper Midwest. Our site provides information on trails, trail conditions, training programs, equipment, lodging, races and race results, and general notices. Geographically, we cover all of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, the upper peninsula of Michigan, and the Thunder Bay area of Canada.


Adelsman's Cross-Country Ski Page started back in the 1994-1995 season as a simple listing of races that was part of our personal home page. Each year we added a little more information until by 1997 we had information on races and trail reports covering the upper Midwest area. In the fall of 1998, after moving the page three times in four years, we finally purchased the domain name 'skinnyski.com' and set up permanent residence.

We started the ski page out of our enjoyment of the upper Midwest citizen races and finding places to ski when the snow was sparse. Race coverage and trail reports have remained our main focus at skinnyski.com as we continue to expand into areas that are a good fit with the coverage we already provide.

Your Help

This web site is nothing without the contribution of the visitors. Trail reports during the winter are vital to sharing the experience of good snow, great trails and fun skiing. Race results keep us all informed. And news and notes on skiing related topics help drive the growth.

Please, feel free to contribute in any way you can: Trail reports, photos, race results, news, or just a simple comment or suggestion, are all welcome!

Bruce Adelsman

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