NewMCSA Midwest Collegiate Cup: Mt. Ashwabay Summit Skiathlon Update

February 7, 2023
The second race of the Midwestern Collegiate Ski Association's (MCSA) Midwest Collegiate Cup, the Mt. Ashwabay Summit Skiathlon, took place over the weekend in Bayfield, WI. Frigid temperatures and a challenging course didn't deter upwards of 70 collegiate skiers from competing in one of the most demanding races of the season.

MCSA Midwest Collegiate Cup: Half Noque Update

January 31, 2023
This past weekend's Half-Noquemanon race in the UP of Michigan served as the first scoring event of the season for the Midwestern Collegiate Ski Association's (MCSA) Midwest Collegiate Cup. With just over 100 collegiate athletes across 16 teams lining up for the race, it was the MCSA’s largest season opener to date, and one of the most productive as 11 out of 12 total podium spots were occupied by MCSA skiers.

Coleraine JNQ Classic Results

January 22, 2023
Some exciting races on Sunday as classic mass start events were the format for the Coleraine JNQ at Mt. Itasca in Coleraine, MN. Sydney Drevlow completed the weekend sweep, taking the women's 7.5K classic race just in from of Greta Hansen and Hailee Zimpel. In the men's race, Andrew DeFor pulled away for the victory with Davis Isom second and Noah Erickson third. Top U16 performances on the day went to Mackenzie Thompson (CAN) and Logan Drevlow.

Coleraine JNQ Freestyle Coverage

January 21, 2023
With temps in the mid 20s and a 5K course freshly groomed last night, conditions were top notch Saturday for the Junior Nationals qualifying races at Mt. Itasca. Sydney Drevlow posted the women's top 10K time, a full 30 seconds ahead of the rest of the field. Davis Isom won the men's 10K, with the top nine all finishing within a minute. U16 titles went to Mackenzie Thompson (CAN) and Logan Drevlow. Results linked in, photo albums posted and along with video highlights.

US Nationals: Freestyle Sprints Coverage

January 7, 2023
The 2023 US Cross-Country Ski Championships wrapped up on Sunday with freestyle sprints the final action item. NMU's Kristoffer Alm Karsrud picked up his second win of the Championships in the senior bracket, completing his sweep of the men's sprints. Sharing the freestyle podium with him was Luke Jager in second and Tom Mancini in third. Hailey Swirbul finished her Championships with a shutout, winning all four competitions this week, including today's. She was joined on the women's podium by Novie McCabe and Lauren Jortberg, who finished second and third respectively. Of the athletes native the Midwest, the best were John Schwinghamer and Erin Bianco, with Bianco making it all the way to the final where she finished 5th. Lauren McCollor also had a standout result as the junior title winner out of the senior bracket. For the up-and-comers, Trey Jones and Sammy Legate were the ones to win the men's and women's finals in the junior bracket. Results are linked in, photos and videos will be up later tonight.

US Nationals: Classic Distance Coverage

January 6, 2023
The sun finally broke through on Day 3 of the 2023 US Cross-Country Ski Championships, delivering optimal racing conditions for the scheduled mass-start classic races. Securing his second consecutive title these Championships, Luke Jager crossed the line first in the men's 20K, just over a second in front of the runner-up, David Norris, and third place finisher, Zanden McMullen. Aiming for her third consecutive title, Hailey Swirbul had her work cut out for her as the women's 20K came down to a sprint in which she just edged out Sydney Palmer-Leger. Novie McCabe glided in shortly after to lock in the last remaining spot on the podium. Top Midwest results were earned by Reid Goble (7th) and the pair of Hannah Rudd (11th) and Margie Freed (12th). Of the juniors, Ava Thurston and NMU's Adrik Kraftson held the top times in the 10K races. Saturday marks the final competitions of the 2023 US Cross-Country Ski Championships with the program calling for freestyle sprints. Results are linked in, photos and videos are online.

US Nationals: Classic Sprints Coverage

January 4, 2023
Day 2 of the 2023 US Cross-Country Ski Championships called for classic sprints, a tall order for wax techs with flurries on the air. Battling back late in the final, NMU's Kristoffer Alm Karsrud was first across the line of the senior men, although Luke Jager would be the one to cross the line as the first American and national champion, finishing third overall. Second overall went to Magnus Boee, while Will Koch and Zanden McMullen rounded out the all-American podium. On the other side, Hailey Swirbul was crowned the national champion and was the overall winner, with Mariel Merlii Pulles and Tilde Baangman standing to either side of her on the overall podium, and the same for Sydney Palmer-Leger and Kendall Kramer on the all-American podium. Top results for athletes with Midwest roots came from Reid Goble and Margie Freed, while top junior results came from Hugo Hinckfuss and Samantha Smith in the senior heats, with NMU's Adrik Kraftson and Emma Charles the winners of the junior heats. The second half of the 2023 US Cross-Country Ski Championships start on Friday with classic mass-start distance racing. Results are linked in, big photosets posted along with videos recaps.

US Nationals: Freestyle Distance Coverage

January 2, 2023
The sky was overcast and temperatures were hovering around freezing as the 2023 US Cross-Country Ski Championships got underway in Houghton, Michigan on Monday. For the first of four days of racing, the best in the US faced a 10K freestyle course in an interval-start format, with the women up first on the two lap course. A stacked field was whittled down to a standalone group of three for the podium: Sydney Palmer-Leger in 3rd, Novie McCabe in 2nd, and Hailey Swirbul as the national champion. With a similarly competitive field, the podium for the men's race consisted of Skylar Patten in 3rd, David Norris in 2nd, and Johnny Steel Hagenbuch as the national champion; although a Norwegian, Andreas Kirkeng, posted the fastest time. Top junior results went to Nina Schamberger and Philipp Moosmayer, while top results for skiers native to the Midwest came from the Gobles: Sarah (4th) and Reid (11th). The Championships continue on Wednesday with classic sprints. Results are linked in, photos and videos posted.

Houghton JNQ/CCSA Freestyle Sprint Results

December 18, 2022
Sunday was a full day of freestyle sprint racing on the Michigan Tech trails for the Houghton JNQ/CCSA event. In the men's open, Kristoffer Karsrud (NMU) collected his second freestyle sprint title of the season followed by Adrik Kraftson (NMU, MU20), and Luke Fricker (NMU). Daniel McCollor was the top U18, finishing 5th the open quarterfinal. Jack Dahlby also repeated as freestyle sprint champ in the boys U16 division. On the women's side, Anabel Needham (MTU) continued the trend of repeat freestyle sprint champs with Katerina Hyncicova (NMU) second and Merle Richter (NMU) third. Catherine Stow had the best U20 result, finishing 5th in the final. Inga Wing was the top U16, making all the way to the women's open semifinals (5th). Lily Ward was best of the U18 girls finishing 4th the in open quarterfinal, All thoughts now turn to US Nationals, back in Houghton, Jan 2nd-7th.

Houghton JNQ/CCSA Freestyle Results

December 17, 2022
Skiers descended on Houghton, MI, this weekend for a US Nationals preview with JNQ and CCSA racing. Saturday featured freestyle races and in the mens 10K, Skylar Patten (MTU) took top honors with Adrik Kraftson (NMU, MU20) second and Tryg Solberg (MTU) third. On the women's side, Olivia Laven (MTU) had the only sub-31 minute time, Victoria Dybwad (CSS) came in second, Anabel Needham (MTU) third. Other top performances: Greta Hansen 1st FU20, Audrey Parham 1st FU18, Davis Isom 1st MU18, Lauren Cartlon 1st FU16, Ben Buchmann 1st MU16. Sunday's event will be freestyle sprints.

Duluth JNQ/CCSA Classic Coverage

December 11, 2022
Sunday wrapped up the weekend racing at Grand Ave Nordic Center in Duluth with a day of tricky waxing conditions as fresh snowfall intermittently plagued the race course. The women raced first, with the top seeds in the open class going out first. Henriette Semb, MTU, posted the top time with Merle Richter, NMU, second and Anabel Needham, MTU, third. Hailee Zimpel lead the U20 field (fourth overall), with Della Bettendorf best of the U18 and Inga Wing the top U16 skier again today. Skylar Patten, MTU, claimed the victory in the open division with Wes Campbell (U20), MTU, second and Kristoffer Karsrud, NMU third. Davis Isom was the best of U18 field, Ben Buchmann won the U16 division. Results linked in, photos and video clips from the 7.5K classic races posted.

Duluth JNQ/CCSA Freestyle Sprints Results

December 10, 2022
Grand Ave in Duluth was the destination this weekend for a pair of JNQ/CCSA events. Saturday featured freestyle sprint races. The men's open division race had NMU's Kristoffer Karsrud taking the win with teammate Luke Fricker second and Michigan Tech's Adam Witkowski third. On the women's side, Michigan Tech's Anabel Needham glided easily into first, NMU's Katerina Hyncicova second, and Scholastica's own Mia Case (U20) third. A number of U20, U18 and U16 athletes competed in the open division with Wes Campbell (U20) finishing 5th in the men's final, Davis Isom (U18) 6th in the men's semifinal, Inga Wing (U16) 6th in the women's semifinal and Hannah Koch was the top FU18, making the open quarterfinals. Jack Dahlby was best of the U16 boys, dominating the U16 boys sprint final. Sunday will be classic technique 7.5K races.

NNF: Drive for 25 Targets Achieved

November 29, 2022
The National Nordic Foundation expresses it's gratitude to the entire Nordic community for helping reach their fundraising targets in the Drive for 25 campaign. All totaled, over $300K was generated!

US Nationals Waxing Facility Reservations Open

November 4, 2022
Teams and groups planning to participate at the 2023 US Cross Country Ski National Championships can now reserve their waxing facilities, with three options available: self-provided wax trailers, rented portable wax trailers, and provided wax rooms. Reservations for the latter two must be made by Dec 28th.

NNF: Applications Open for U23/World Juniors Coaches

October 18, 2022
US Ski and Snowboard is now accepting applications to coach at this season's World Junior/U23 Ski Championships taking place in Whistler, Canada from Jan 25th-Feb 2nd. The deadline to apply is Oct 31st.

2021-22 Season Highlights

May 1, 2022
Catch highlights plus full results and photos from the 2021-2022 collegiate racing season.