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Junior Nationals Returns to Theodore Wirth

June 2, 2020
The 2021 US Junior Nationals competition will be held in Minneapolis in March at Theodore Wirth. The week long competition brings in top juniors from across the nation. Minneapolis last hosted Junior Nationals in 2011.

CXC Announces Regional Elite Group Athletes

May 25, 2020
CXC has posted the athletes invited for 2020 Regional Elite Group training camp. The exact plans for the camp are still in flux as the staff works through the latest pandemic restrictions and best-practices.

Endurance United Summer Junior Announcement

May 13, 2020
Endurance United opens their summer junior training program sign up and details expectations. There will be a virtual information session via Zoom on Wednesday evening, May 27th.

2020 Collegiate Tally Board

May 13, 2020
We've fired up the collegiate tally board for the class of 2020. Let us know your college plans so we care share with the rest of the skiing community!

Junior Nationals Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Concerns

March 12, 2020
Junior Nationals competition is the latest casuality of the coronavirus outbreak as organizers announced on Thursday morning the cancellation of the remaining events.

Junior Nationals: Freestyle Sprints Coverage

March 11, 2020
Wednesday at Junior Nationals featured freestyle sprints races. Another sparse day on the podium for the upper Midwest -- Gus Schatzlein was the lone Midwest representative scoring a third place finish in the boys U20 final. Molly Moening, FU16, also made the sprint finals, taking fifth. Results linked in, along with photos from Jackie Schneider.

Junior Nationals: Classic Coverage

March 9, 2020
Junior Nationals opened on Monday in Soda Springs, CA, with classic format racing. Johanna Craig (Great Lakes) skied to the only podium for the upper Midwest teams, taking third place in the girls U20 division. Top ten performances on the day: Anabel Needram 5th (FU20), Cooper Lennox 7th (MU20), Morgan Richter 8th (FU20), and Molly Moening 6th (FU16). Other top Midwest results - MU18:Roger Anderson 12th, Colin Freed 16th; MU20: Gus Schatzlein 11th, Henry Snider 13th, James Schneider 14th; FU18: Libby Tuttle 23rd; FU20: Emma Albrecht 12th, Alice House 13th; FU16: Margo Nightingale 13th, Jordan Parent 14th; MU16: Adrik Kraftson 20th. Results linked in, photos from Jackie Schneider.