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Interview: Ryan Cameron

January 15, 2001

We conducted a short interview by e-mail with Ryan Cameron after he finished second to Andy Schakel in the La La Palooza 15K race on Sunday, January 14, 2001. Ryan won the race the previous year in a tight finish with Michael Myers.

  • Skinnyski: Can you give us a brief replay of the race, especially the last 5K? It looked like there was a pack of five (Andy Schakel, Jey Carlson, John Munger, Mike Myers, and yourself), then near the end it was just Andy, Jey and yourself.

    Cameron: I got kind of a bad start. Some guy thought that the race took a quick left and he cut across the field in front of me and took someone out. [You can see this in the start video clip -- Ed.] I had to pull up so that I didn't go down. After that I was in about 8th place. Mike got out clean and took the lead which he kept for about the first Km. He wasn't pushing very hard and no one was helping him with pacing so I made a move to the front. Near the bridge I put in a surge to see if I could drop anyone and I think that Mike and John fell off. Jey went around me near the end of the first loop. He actually got a gap on Andy and me but then backed off we skied together most of the second lap. During the second lap no one tried any moves until the last kilometer. Jay took the lead on the final hill with Andy behind him. I couldn't get around Andy on that hill so I sat back and hoped that Jey wouldn't get too much of a gap on us. Once onto the flat section the pace picked up and Jey and Andy were side by side on the trail.

  • Skinnyski: The final sprint looked tough. Can you describe how that went?

    Cameron: Well with about 400 meters to go I tried to get around Jey and Andy, but they were both side by side on the trail. I thought that maybe I could quickly double pole by Jey on the right, but that didn't work so I back off and got behind him, shortly after that he moved over and let me by. I pulled behind Andy and looked for an opening. With about 100 meters to go I tried to get by on the right side of Andy but he moved over, I made a move back to the left side, but I think he sensed me and drifted back left. I didn't have much room and the trail was soft so I tried to double pole near the end. I think I was gaining, but I just ran out of real estate.

  • Skinnyski: You went down right as you came to the finish line. Looking at the video, I couldn't tell if you were diving for the line or had tangled with Andy. What happened?

    Cameron: After I moved back to my left I could see that the finish line wasn't very wide. I thought I was gaining but didn't think that I could get a ski across the line before Andy so I just dove for it. (It did make for some good video and the fans seemed to like it.)

  • Skinnyski: Outside of some of the top skiers, the results were all over the place due to the wet, humid conditions. You must have had reasonably fast skis today. What did you have on, and how did they feel?

    Cameron: The pair I raced on was the same pair that I used in all 3 World Championship Trial races in Lake Placid so I felt pretty good about them. I put on Swix HF8 on the most of the ski, with HF10 on the tails. I would have loved to have had some High-flouros but Piotr didn't have the MN Biathlon wax box. I also tried to rill the tails of another pair of skis but that didn't seem to help.
    I think that my skis were just a little bit slower than Jey and Andy's, but pretty close to their speed.

  • Skinnyski: We've seen some of your results in the recent biathlon meets. Are you pretty happy with your results this season, and what's left on your schedule?

    Cameron: I am fairly happy with how things have gone so far. I started the season well with a win in the opening biathlon race of the year in British Columbia, but then December was not so good for me. I didn't train well, had some rifle problems, and too much work (but doesn't everyone). In January at the World Championship Trials I raced fairly well. I was close to the podium on the last day and that was disappointing. I would have loved to have made the podium for the Minnesota Biathlon staff. Those guys worked so hard all week so that I could have fast skis and it would have been great if I could have got them a podium. But in the end I finished 8th overall and was about a minute from going to the World Champs so I can't be too disappointed.
    As far as what's left on my schedule, I have quite a bit. I will race locally in some biathlon and cross country races (Baker Shaker, NorAm Sprints and 15km FR, maybe the Murphy Challenge) in January. In February I will be going with the guys in Minnesota Biathlon to Soldier Hollow, UT for training on the Olympic courses. After that its onto Canmore, Alb in March for biathlon North American Champs and U.S. Nationals in West Yellowstone.

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