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Interview: Michael Myers

January 29, 2001

On Saturday, January 27th, Michael Myers repeated as the 53K classical Noquemanon champion. Last year he won by a margin of more than 14 minutes. This year, it was just a little closer: a mere 33 seconds.

  • Skinnyski: The 53K classical race was hotly contested this year. The results show the top 3-5 skiers all finishing pretty close together. Can you give a brief run down of the race?

    Myers: The pace was so slow during the first 7k that my hands were getting cold. Both Eli Brown and David Chamberlain [Factory Team member] had taken turns at the front, with Dave doing most of the leading. I took the lead after the first feed and picked up the pace considerably. The pack of 10 skiers disintegrated as I watched Dave ski away from me on a long hill 2k later. Dave came back to me soon after that because of a broken pole. He skied with Eli, Phil Rogers, Jey Carlson and myself for the next 15k with only one pole! After Dave got a replacement pole, he and I broke away again and again on the hills only to be caught by Eli, Phil and Jey in the flats each time.

  • Skinnyski: Can you describe the last 1K or so of the race?

    Myers: With 3k to go Eli pulled me off the front and then stepped aside, telling me that this was my one chance to break away solo and win. Going by him I said I didn't have anything left, but he just kept yelling GO NOW! GO NOW! GO NOW! Those were the hardest, most painful 3k I have ever skied.

  • Skinnyski: What was the weather like?

    Myers: Four to six of the fresh stuff had fallen the night before. The temp morning of the race was 12F, going to 18-20F by noon at the finish. The sky was overcast most of the day.

  • Skinnyski: What did you use for wax, both kick and glide?

    Myers: For glide I had Toko LF Moly followed by Toko HF Blue with Toko Cold Powder mixed in. The Kick was Toko Base Green ironed in with 3 layers of Toko Bright Blue over the top. I had extremely good skis, which contributed to my result.

  • Skinnyski: Any other interesting stories from the race?

    Myers: To my embarrassment I fell 500m from the finish on flat terrain. I hit a section of soft snow, of which there were many, and my legs just gave out from fatigue. Fortunately I had a 200m cushion by then so it didn't affect the outcome.

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