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Surprise at Finnish National Team camp;
Isometse planning return

Translated and compiled by Brian Olsen
August 4, 2001

Kirvesniemi, Immonen and KyrÝ arrive at Finnish National team training camp, uninvited

(August 2, 2001) -- Sources: VG, Dagbladet, Langrenn.com

The "doping trio" of Harri Kirvesniemi, Janne Ommonen, and Kari Pekka KyrÝ surprised the coaches and skiers of the Finnish National team by appearing at a team training camp in Vuokatti this week. They were not invited. The biggest uproar was the appearance of ex-National Team trainer Kari Pekka KyrÝ, according to Jan-Olaf Nas, the leader of the Finnish National Team. "We are very disappointed that KyrÝ has come to this training camp. The team was both angry and disappointed," he said to the Norwegian site, Langrenn.com.

KyrÝ has been banned for life from the Finnish Ski Association after the doping scandal that rocked the cross country ski world at World Championships last February in Lahti, Finland.

"On Tuesday afternoon some representatives from the Ski Association had a meeting surrounding the doping scandal, about fifty kilometers from Vuokatti. When we returned to Vuokatti, there KyrÝ was, at the dinner table, together with the skiers. This is very unfortunate," Nas continued.

"It was even worse: he came again on Wednesday, to lunch," Nas dejected. "KyrÝ's actions will be reported. This occurrence will be dealt with by those at the top of the Association."

"The situation with Kirvesniemi is different because he is the Karhu representative to the team. We will discuss this with the management of Karhu about what he has done, though. The problem is that Harri doesn't hold the confidence of any of the skiers, and therefore it can be difficult to get work done."

"We have nothing against Harri as a person," Nas countered. In regards to Janne Immonen's "tour" through the training camp: "He lives just a kilometer from where we are holding the camp. We can't control the fact that he is training at the same place. However, from now on he is not allowed to train at the same time as the National Team when we are all at the same place."

Nas made it clear that he had received reasonable signals from higher up in the Finnish Ski Association about where the line is, regarding ex-Team members who are currently under a ban.

The Team will have the rest of the week to train in Vuokatti. "Everyone is fresh and healthy. This was our last camp here at home before the fall. Coming up, we will have an altitude camp in Central Europe," Nas continued.

Isomštse is in the ceramic trade, but is thinking about returning for Val di Fiemme in 2003

(August 3-4, 2001) -- Source: Langrenn.com

Jari Isomštse, one of the other Finnish skiers currently under a two-year ban, has started a new and better life in the ceramic business. Together with his wife, he has started a ceramic shop named Bentik-frima, about seventy kilometers from Helsinki. The shop is brand new, and he has much work to do. Although he is concentrating on ceramics for the moment, he still has time to go for skis in the hills.

In addition to his ceramic business, Isomštse hopes to return for the 2003 World Championships in Val di Fiemme, Italy. A week before the races begin Isomštse's ban will be lifted - then, he can race.

"I hope and think that no one cares if I think about returning for the World Championships in Val di Fiemme ," Isomštse said to the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti.

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