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September 21, 2003

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This fall we enter our fifth season as Skinnyski.com (we're even older when you track Adelsman's XC Ski Page). The web site has continued to grow, both in content and traffic, over the years. While we have been able to sign up network members in the Lodging and Gear sections, the labor and overhead costs have continued to grow.

Why memberships?

When you add up the expenses and time involved in covering races and workouts, developing articles, and logging trail reports, and then add in the daily updates, the web site is a full-time occupation for us. Plus there are expenses in terms of equipment and Internet services.

We're introducing Skinnyski.com memberships as a way for the skiing community to help us continue the mission of providing the latest information on cross-country skiing in the upper Midwest. Similar to public radio, a skinnyski.com membership is not required to visit the web site. Memberships are simply a way for you to help us keep Skinnyski alive and full of information that is important to you.

Membership will also come with a few perks. For instance, members will be able to set their own web site preferences. As an example, members will be able to personalize the trail report section to suit their own individual needs. Members will also be able to post, edit and delete their own classified ads free of charge. We hope to offer even more benefits down the road.

Membership levels:

We are offering a wide range of membership levels. Almost all of the levels amount to less than the cost of a single ski race.

  • Student/coach - Designed for the high school or college skier or coach who is running under very limited funds: $10 annually.

  • Supporter - The standard level individual membership: $20 annually.

  • Sustainer/Family - For families and those wanting to contribute in a larger way: $35 annually.

  • Organization - For clubs and organizations: $60 annually.

  • Patron - Major support for the web site: $250 annually.

In addition to those yearly memberships, we also offer the flexibility of monthly memberships. With the monthly membership level, you can fine-tune your contribution level by only signing up for a few months or maximizing your contribution by running an entire year at a monthly rate.

You can purchase a membership online by credit card or via postal with check/money order. If you purchase your membership via our Paypal subscription system (credit card), the membership level will be activated online and can be set to automatically renew.

Please join today and help us continue to provide and expand this service.

Thank you,
Bruce and Margaret Adelsman

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Membership FAQ

  1. Why should I create a basic user account?
    Even at the basic (non-member) level, a user account will help speed up things like filing trail reports. We may eventually require a user account to receive the weekly newsletter.

  2. Do I have to become a member?
    No. We do not restrict your access to the web site.

  3. What membership benefits are there?
    The current membership benefits include free user-editable classified ads, plus a number of web site preference settings (like the depth and selection of the trail reports). We hope to add more benefits down the road.

  4. What happens at the end of my membership period?
    - If you signed up with Paypal and checked the 'auto renew' checkbox, the service will attempt to automatically renew your membership for another period. If you don't want the service to automatically renew, simply cancel the membership before the end of the period.
    - If you did not select the 'auto renew' option when signing up via Paypal, then your membership will automatically terminate at the end of the period.
    - If you signed up via postal, we will attempt notify you when the membership is nearly expired. You can monitor the time remaining for your membership on the Account Status screen.

  5. What happens when I cancel my membership?
    Your membership will expire at the end of the period. For example, if you signed up for a yearly membership on Aug 1, 2001, then cancelled on Oct 15, 2001, the membership would expire on Aug 1, 2002. If you signed up for the wrong membership or need to cancel the membership within the first 10 days, let us know and we may provide a refund.

  6. What does 'auto renew' mean?
    When signing up for membership via Paypal, you can choose to have the membership automatically renewed at the end of each period. You will need to turn on this checkbox on the Membership page when you sign up for the membership if you desire this feature.

  7. How can I tell when my membership will expire?
    On the Account Status page you'll find your membership level and days remaining in your membership.

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