August 16, 2022

The 6 Hour Challenge

The Challenge - to perform 6 hours (360 minutes) of exercise in a 9 hour (540 minute) window to allow for rest, change of venue and nutrition. There will be a window of days in early September to perform the challenge. Once the Challenge is completed, you will send in your log to gain entries into a Fabulous Raffle. One entry for each mode of exercise. You must use at least 2 modes of exercise with a max of 7 modes of exercise. This challenge is open to anyone, anywhere.


Once you complete the registration, you will receive your 6Hr Challenge Information. Then you will have time to plan out your challenge. There will be an acceptable list of modes of exercises with a chance for you to lobby to get an exercise approved for all participants.

Keep an eye out on Out There Nordic social media platforms for monthly challenges starting June to help you prep for the 6 Hour Challenge. #ruoutthere