January 17, 2024

2x American Birkie Champion, David Norris partners with Skiplukkern of Norway

David Norris has joined forces with Skiplukkern to introduce on-demand, direct-to- consumer premium ski picking services in North America. Drawing from his extensive career in ski racing, where he represented the US Ski Team on the World Cup and three World Championship teams, as well as securing two American Birkie victories, Norris understands firsthand the challenges of obtaining high-quality race skis.


Reflecting on these challenges, Norris states, "I've witnessed the difficulties of acquiring top-notch race skis in North America. Throughout my career, I've been fortunate to have the support of Rossignol in finding quality race skis. I'm thrilled that Skiplukkern is now extending its ski picking and grinding services to North America. With Skiplukkern's access to premium skis, we can select and deliver top-performing race skis throughout the entire season to our customers."

A distinctive feature of Skiplukkern is its inventory-free approach, exclusively picking race skis in response to specific customer requests. This innovative structure is made possible by a team of experienced ski pickers based in Europe, meticulously selecting skis weekly from the warehouse. This ensures that every pair of skis delivered meets the high standards demanded by cross country skiers seeking optimal performance on the snow.

Skiplukker’n, which means "ski picker" in Norwegian, is a well-established and industry- leading ski picking and grinding company. They have picked winning skis for athletes who have earned top results including Olympic and World Championship gold medals, multiple wins at the Norwegian Birkie, Vasaloppet, and Marcialonga, and many top World Cup results. Already this season their skis and grinds have secured top 15 World Cup results on podium finishes in the opening Ski Classics event.

Skiplukker’n was founded by Aslak Berglund in the belief that "every pair of skis is unique." Skiplukker’n travels directly to the ski companies' Norwegian warehouses, where they have access to hundreds of pairs of skis, to select skis on site. Skiplukker’n has strong relationships with all of Fischer, Madshus, and Rossignol and has experience picking the optimal ski for each skier from all of these manufacturers' warehouses.

With this unparalleled level of ski inventory access, Aslak can ensure that Skiplukkern picks the very best ski for each client. Aslak and his colleagues at Skiplukkern will not compromise on ski quality – if they do not find the right pair for a client he will return shortly to review new pairs that have since arrived at the warehouse. This resource cannot be rivaled by domestic ski shops that have the burden of the Atlantic Ocean between their shop and the warehouses filled with new production skis, and that are not in a position to return the following week to see if there is a better match for a customer.

Skiplukker’n is renowned for their stone grinding, which is used on both the World Cup and by the leading Ski Classics athletes (formerly VISMA Ski Classics). These grinds are tested across Scandinavia and Europe each winter, giving them a large range of snow conditions to be tested and adapted for. Whether you ski in the high mountain west, cold wind-blown snow, or coastal slush, Skiplukker’n has a grind that is proven to be fast in each of these conditions. Most recently, Skiplukker’n grinds proved to be great in Utah winning several days of testing at the US National Championships at Soldier Hollow.

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