Over 45 years in the cross-country skiing business, founded by Ahvo Taipale, with experts like Armen Hitzemann, Tom Novak and Greg Weier.
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Finn Sisu: Save on Wenonah Canoes and Samples from Bjorn Daehlie and Rab

May 18, 2024
Promoting their recent addition of Wenonah canoes, Finn Sisu is currently offering a discount of up to $800 off models through May 31st. Swing by the shop to take a look at some of the models they have on offer, and while you're at it be sure to check out the selection of Bjorn Daehlie and Rab samples they have on sale too.

Finn Sisu: Winter Arrival Sale, Finnish Coach Clinic

March 23, 2024
Finn Sisu is note the arrival of winter with 30% off all ski equipment and clothing through March 31st. Plus, join Olli Ohtonen, coach of Finnish superstar Iivo Niskanen, in a two-day series of seminars designed to educate US coaches and skiers in the latest scientific methods of ski training.

Tour de Finn Race Series Announced

November 5, 2023
A new race series, Tour de Finn, fires up this winter featuring races across the Midwest, including a number of smaller field events. Individual and team competitions along with weekly recaps and scoring updates.

Finn Sisu: Pre-Season Nordic Tune Up Sunday

October 31, 2023
Finn Sisu is hosting a pre-season Nordic tuneup clinic this Sunday, Nov 5th. Come find out about the importance of ski fit and stonegrinding for conditions, plus some tips for your ski marathons. And Endurance Adventures Brian Gregg and Kim Rudd will be on hand to discuss their winter ski vacations.

Stonegrinding 101

Everything you wanted to know about stonegrinding at Finn Sisu.