Over 35 years in the cross-country skiing business, founded by Ahvo Taipale, with experts like Armen Hitzemann, Tom Novak and Greg Weier.
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Finn Sisu Wax Clinic Mondays Livestream

January 24, 2021
Finn Sisu is hosting free weekly Facebook Live wax clinics Mondays at 7 pm. Our next clinic on Jan 25th features Kristian Johnson and long-time ski tuner Tom Novak on stone grinding basics, including the role of the refresh grind and how we handle base prep on freshly ground skis. All are welcome, all questions answered.

Finn Sisu: Vakava Masters Fall/Winter Program

October 1, 2020
Finn Sisu is offering Fall/Winter Masters Ski training again this season. Dryland sessions begin Oct 15th, classes are limited in size due to COVID so sign up soon!

Stonegrinding 101

Everything you wanted to know about stonegrinding at Finn Sisu.