Over 35 years in the cross-country skiing business, founded by Ahvo Taipale, with experts like Armen Hitzemann, Tom Novak and Greg Weier.
2436 Larpenteur Ave W
Lauderdale, MN  55113

Tour de Finn Race Series Announced

November 5, 2023
A new race series, Tour de Finn, fires up this winter featuring races across the Midwest, including a number of smaller field events. Individual and team competitions along with weekly recaps and scoring updates.

Finn Sisu: Pre-Season Nordic Tune Up Sunday

October 31, 2023
Finn Sisu is hosting a pre-season Nordic tuneup clinic this Sunday, Nov 5th. Come find out about the importance of ski fit and stonegrinding for conditions, plus some tips for your ski marathons. And Endurance Adventures Brian Gregg and Kim Rudd will be on hand to discuss their winter ski vacations.

Finn Sisu: Fall Fest Sale and Swap, Oct 27th-29th

October 9, 2023
With ski season not far off now, Finn Sisu will be holding their annual Fall Fest sale and swap in just a few short weeks. There will be deals on both new and used gear and clothing, so be sure to mark your calendar if you find yourself in the market for any equipment or activewear before the snow flies.

Finn Sisu: New Ownership Announcement

August 14, 2023
After nearly 50 years in the business, Ahvo Taipale is turning over the keys to Finn Sisu, the renowned ski and sauna store at the heart of the Twin Cities. A group of three long-term employees will be leading the company moving forward, with their focus aimed at continuing to prioritize the core values that have made the shop a beloved name in the community.

Finn Sisu: Free Rollerski Clinic and Demo Wednesday, July 5th

June 30, 2023
This coming Wednesday Craftsbury Green Racing Project athletes Michaela Keller-Miller and Margie Freed will be hosting a rollerski clinic and demo with Finn Sisu at Long Lake Regional Park. Ideal for intermediate to advanced high school or college skiers, the focus of the clinic will be on coordination and stability exercises, as well as refining technique, with a Q&A and raffle scheduled for afterward. If you're considering attending, don't forget to fill out a waiver and register in advance.

Finn Sisu: Celebrating 100+ Days of Snowmaking at Battle Creek

March 17, 2023
Join Finn Sisu at Battle Creek Regional Park this coming Sunday, March 19th, to celebrate over 100 days of snowmaking at the venue, and thank Ramsey County and everyone involved for all they've done to make it possible. There will be poster boards to sign, swag raffled off, and mini technique lessons for anyone looking for pointers to close out the season. Bring your friends and family, and be sure to wear whatever Finn Sisu apparel you may have too!

Stonegrinding 101

Everything you wanted to know about stonegrinding at Finn Sisu.