North Star Ski Club Representative

March 19, 2007


Norm has been involved in the development of cross country skiing in Minnesota and the upper Midwest for most of his 84 years. Norm Oakvik was born in Minneapolis to Norwegian parents. His father, particularly, was a skier, who started Norm skiing at an early age and even made Norm his first pair of cross country skis. Norm has been a Nordic combined skier (jumping and racing), was an alternate on the U. S. Olympic team in 1952, and an established racing coach. Norm started his skiing career in Wirth Park skiing the trails and launching himself from the wood structured ski jump located there.

So it wasn't long before Norm was winning races in Nordic combined and in many cross country races. His wins in those races were a launching point for Norm to enter and win National ski races. He excelled in all and won many races including the North American championships and the Western Canadian championships.

Norm went beyond racing and coaching to help establish cross country skiing as a popular winter sport in Minnesota. Norm is a founding member of the North Star Ski Touring Club in which he is still active. In the early years of cross country skiing, Norm's living room was the only available spot to purchase cross country skis in Minnesota. They were not even made in the United States yet, so he imported them mostly from Norway and some from Finland. He even had a ski shelter named after him in the beginning years of skiing in Minnesota. He has also coached for many of his years. He coached the Junior National Midwest ski team for 10 to 12 years and he even coached the University of Minnesota cross country ski team.

Norm will be honored this coming Saturday, March 24th, at the Minnesota Skinnyski Annual banquet and all interested skiers are invited to join MNSA in celebrating Norms commitment to cross country skiing. At the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis (formerly the Sears Building) see for registration details.