Elm Creek Series Results

December 27, 2007
Conditions: Temperature: 27F (very little wind); all sections nicely groomed and covered with packed snow. Tracks are groomed well and felt fast.

Distance: entire 5K lit trail loop - 1 lap of valley, thicket and northern light loops, both classic and freestyle, mass start


Jacob Beste            12:15 (F)
Rody Lageson 12:17 (F)/14:22(C)
Nels Dyste 12:20 (F)/14:12(C)
Zach Slater 12:41 (F)
Niko Kubota 12:44 (F)
Mike McMahon 12:48 (F)
Erick Anderson 12:52 (F)
Paul Olson 13:05 (F)
Logan Smestad 13:20 (F)/15:21(C)
Jakob Wartman 13:32 (F)
Phil Cleary 13:36 (F)
John Hopkins 13:42 (F)
Kevin Johnson 13:44 (F)
Laszlo Alberti 13:47 (F)
Adam Snyder 13:50 (F)
Jeff Bush 13:53 (F)
Audrey Weber 13:57 (F)/16:44(C)
Andre L'Heureux 13:58 (F)
Sarah Wright 14:02 (F)
Steve Jones 14:16 (F)
Corey Coogan 14:19 (F)
Clayton Kiem 14:23 (F)
Oumdr Otterif 14:35 (F)/16:12(C)
Christi Nowak 14:44 (F)/17:56(C)
Scott Hatch 14:56 (F)
Bob McKenzie 15:00 (F)
Tom Nowak 15:24 (F)
Odd Osland 15:52 (F)
Melinda Silbernick 15:54 (F)/21:03(C)
John Rotach 15:56 (F)
Don Callander 16:04 (F)
Heather Cichanowski 16:15 (F)
Paul Prokoseh 18:23 (F)
Will Holway 18:59 (F)
Bill Farquhar 19:19 (F)/21:57(C)

Devin Arenz 16:24(C)
Katherine Himes 17:51(C)

Wish you all a very happy New Year - 2008 !!!

Next week's time trial date/time will be held on Thur. night, Jan. 3, 2008, at 7:00pm start for freestyle and at 7:30pm start for classic, registration at 6:30pm.
--Amy Xu reporting for Race Director, Melinda Silbernick