Nicole Dewald
Superiorland Ski Club

June 12, 2009

MSHS Announces High School Nordic Ski Team

Marquette Senior High School will add a self-funded Nordic Ski program beginning with the 2009-2010 winter sports season. The addition of Nordic Ski brings the number of varsity sports offered at MSHS to twenty. The Athletic Department will work closely with the Superiorland Ski Club in overseeing the operations of the high school team. The SSC was instrumental in helping the program become approved by the MAPS Board of Education.

Athletic Director Mark Mattson sites the addition of the Nordic Ski program as a positive for MAPS. "Any time we can add sports and additional participation opportunities for our students through programs that can be funded and supported by the parents and community is a step forward in our program. Nordic Ski is a lifetime sport that students can learn at an early age and participate in well after high school. The fact that Nordic Ski in our community is becoming so popular only adds to the reason to offer it to our students as a high school sport."

Mattson also credits Carrie Pearson, Debby Muskovitch and Carol Johnston for the outstanding work they did in developing the proposal for the Board of Education.

An informational meeting and reception for the new team will be held at Marquette Senior High School on Monday June 15 from 6 - 8 pm in the school gym. All interested youth and parents are encouraged to attend.

Contact for information regarding the MSHS Nordic Ski Team is Mark Mattson, MAPS Athletic Director, at [email protected] or 225-5421, and/or Debby Muskovitch at [email protected] or 249-4332.