Susan Waananen

November 9, 2009

Minnesota State High School Nordic Ski Coaches' Association Fall Meeting Minutes

Fall Meeting Minutes
October 24, 2009
Mora Vasaloppet Nordic Center/Garage

1. Welcome – Mike Hecker, MSHSNSCA President
Meeting called to order at 9:35 am

2. Introductions and reports

  • Introduction of advisory board
  • Invitation to Mora Vasaloppet from race director Rolf Forslund

  • Introduction of vendors by Dave Johnson
Boulder Nordic Sport, Nathan Schultz; Gear West, Matt Fox; Swix, Ben Dubay; Hoigaards, Eric Hendrickson; Finn Sisu, Ahvo Taipale; New Moon, Chris Young; PodiumWear, Reid Lutter; Wintergreen NorthernWear, Becky and Kurt Stacey; Ski Hut, Mick Dodds, Michelle Riley; Joes, Jon Miller; FastWax, Dan and Rosie Meyer; Toko, Frank and Mike Lundeen; Briko-Maplus, John Dyste; Salomon, Kevin Johnson, Josh Korn; CXC, Bill Pierce; Continental, Nikolai Anikin.

  • 57 schools represented by 63 coaches in attendance
  • Spring minutes amended to include discussion of midnight race rule, approved.
  • Treasurer’s report
    • Receipts
Victor C. Dunder Awards
    • Disbursements
Giants Ridge, Mora Vasaloppet Nordic Center, Webmaster, HOF/Coaches awards, VCD shop plaques
  • Victor C. Dunder Award – Mike Miller
    • New corporate sponsorship with Swix and Salomon
    • Equipment stays with school after skier graduates
    • Deadline of March 30
    • So far, every applicant has received an award

3. Old Business
  • Uniform rule update
    • Approved by MSHSL
    • Uniform verification form to be filled out before section and state meets

  • Multi-event Format vote
    • Handouts reflecting both sides of issues (Jon Sanborn, Greg Weier) were distributed
    • Mike presented rationale, tentative schedule, and scoring options for multi-event meets
    • Discussion/questions: Number of skiers participating, weather accommodations, point allocation, starts, qualifying for state

    • Three speakers for each side:
      • Pro: Dave Johnson, Rollie Ring-Jarvi, Denny Nelson
      • Con: Deno Johnson, Greg Weier, Jamie Misner
    • Vote: Proposal did not pass. Pro: 54 Con: 66
    • Amendment to Bylaw 2.4 not necessary since proposal did not pass

  • Section Qualification recommendation
    • Review of recommendation
    • Discussion: Require three races, last race completed by Saturday before sections, cannot race on Sunday, definition of qualifying race
    • Dean Grace and Bonnie Fuller-Kask will revise the recommendation before it is presented to the MSHSL.

  • Team v. Individual Scoring vote
    • Review of 5 options: Status quo, Individual, 5+10, 6+9, Hybrid
    • Discussion followed by IRV instructions by Mark Walters
    • Vote results: Hybrid 67, Individual 48, Status quo 10, 5+10 and 6+9 2 votes each.
    • Mike will begin the preparation of the proposal to the MSHSL, due on March 1, 2010. Draft will be posted on website for membership to review.

Lunch Break at 11:50 am

4. Rules Interpretation – Bob O’Hara

  • Handout provided
  • Key issues: Rules, eligibility, technique, uniform verification
  • State meet is now on Thursday; classic in the afternoon
  • New classic course; Gold and Cedar trails. Skate on Silver.
  • New policy regarding travel out of the state:
    • Practice/scrimmage: No more than 25 miles across the state line
    • Meets: Anywhere in Minnesota or adjoining state/province.
    • This impacts our programs, work directly with people in your school district. Can petition for a waiver.
    • Email Mike with your concerns and comments. He will write a Letter of Concern to the MSHSL but if we all contact our ADs we can make more of an impact.

5. Team Support/Fund-Raising

  • Ben Dubay promoted the creation of an organized source of fundraising ideas to be available on the Nordic coaches’ website. All coaches are encouraged to collaborate with other teams and share the ways that their teams raise money for their programs.
  • Dave Johnson described the successful Holiday Ski Camp that the Marshall skiers organize for children ages 5-12 over the winter holiday.

Meeting adjourned at 1:55 pm followed by Swix gifts and door prizes.