Elm Creek Series Results

December 16, 2009
Conditions: Temperature:  10F, little wind but felt like 0F; full 2.5 km man-made Valley Trail loop and mixed with natural snow, mostly hard-packed abrasive snow and some areas with loose soft snow on top, and classic tracks are very well-set.  Race distance:  2 laps of 2.5km (5Ktotal), both classic and freestyle, mass start.
John Kallemeyn 12:50 (F)
Jon Miller 13:17 (F)/16:04 (C)
Brett LaPlante 14:15 (F)
Andrew Rishavy 14:22 (F)/16:09 (C)
John Hopkins 15:19 (F)
Scott Hatch 16:15 (F)
Kuan Teoh 17:18 (F)
Ralph Schwartz 17:34 (F)
Julie Kallemeyn 18:15 (F)
Bill Farquhar /22:28 (C)
RJ Ochmann /27:58 (C)
Garrett Teoh /18:22 (C) -- 1 lap (6 year-old!!!)
Garrett, you look awesome and so fun to watch and listen!!!

Race Director -- Melinda Silbernick
Timer/Results -- Amy Xu