Mike Hecker
MSHSNSCA President

December 18, 2009

Minnesota High School Coaches Update

O.k. so who’s hoarding the snow! Rumor has it we should head south to Winona. I thought I would take a couple minutes of your time to bring you up to speed on several items as we move into the season.

State Meet Courses: Giants Ridge will have the State Courses groomed for preview during the holidays. FYI, at this time like most areas the Ridge has minimal snow. Let’s hope they get a good dump in the next week.

State Meet Course Controllers: Last year, because of the the change, we had extra controllers on the course. The State High School League appreciated the extra help and asked if we would do that again. As we get closer to the State meet, let me know if you would be willing to help. I think you will find if very educational and the extra set of eyes helps when a jury has to make a decision.

Travel Restrictions: The Nordic Associations Advisory Board had a meeting with Rich Matter, Minnesota State High School Leagues Nordic Representative. I did hand him a letter on behalf of our membership stating the concern we have restricting travel to Northern Wisconsin and the U.P.. Rich Matter understood our concern and said he would pass it along to Dave Stead, Director of the Minnesota State High League. On a related note I spoke to Dave and he said he would be presenting our letter at the December Board meeting.

I’m optimistic, but we still individually need to have a conversation with our Athletic Directors and School Board members. Put together, they have a much larger voice than our Association.

Education: For those who are looking to further enhance their education, take a look at the CXC website They are offering various training programs.

Rankings: Kevin Brockman will no longer be doing the State rankings. A couple of groups have stepped up to fill the void. We hope the first rankings can be up in a week or so. On a related note, please keep Kevin Brockman’s wife in your thoughts and prayers as she goes through cancer treatment.

Holiday Relays: Traditionally the start of the High School Invites and the first chance for teams to test their athletes takes place this weekend at Trollhollow. Their is still time to enter. You can contact John Strand at

I again what to thank everyone who participated at our Fall meeting. Difficult decisions were made and a direction set. I hope we can keep moving forward in the future.

Best regards,

MIke Hecker
President Nordic Ski Coaches Association