Susan Waananen

November 1, 2010

Minnesota State High School Nordic Ski Coaches’ Association Fall Meeting Minutes

Fall Meeting Minutes

October 23, 2010

Mora Vasaloppet Nordic Center


1. Welcome – Pete Tremaine, MSHSNSCA President
Meeting called to order at 10:00 am

2. Introductions and reports
  • Review and approval of spring meeting minutes
  • Treasurer’s report – Susan Waananen
  • Victor C. Dunder Award – Mike Miller
    • 16 recipients this year
    • Recipients should be encouraged to write thank you notes
  • Academic Awards – Pete for Fred Kueffer
    • Team awards based on section team GPA
    • Individual awards based on rank in class
    • May need permission from skier/parents to release information
    • Forms due by February 6
  • Charlie Banks Relays – Mark Walters
    • Need a new race director to replace Mark
    • Complete instructions and support crew already in place; timing and course are set.
    • Coaches Association’s only fund-raiser
  • Vendor Fair Review – Dave Johnson
    • 2nd year; open to the public this year
    • 25 participants, bigger than the West Yellowstone event
    • Included vendors, races, shops, colleges, clubs and resorts
    • Goal is to have more athletes and their families attend in the future
  • Coaches Awards – Dave Johnson
    • Any nominees for Coaches Hall of Fame?
    • Section reps are responsible for nominating the section Coach, Assistant Coach and Volunteer of the Year at the end of the season
  • Past-President’s Review
    • Audio from Mike Hecker relaying final thoughts on his presidency and the direction of the association
    • Thanks to Bob O’Hara, John Filander, Jack Jeffries, and Dave Johnson for work on state meet course changes
    • Support the sport through MYSL, local retailers, universities and the coaches association

  • Group Introductions/Comments
    • 48 schools represented by 64 coaches
    • Kate Ellis has V boards available at a discount; extras from the order for the JOs being held at Wirth in March

15 minute break (11-11:15)

3. Rules Interpretation - Bob O’Hara
  • Travel restrictions lifted for all sports due to efforts by Nordic community
  • Make sure to coordinate eligibility of team with AD
  • Spend time on classic technique to avoid any disqualification issues at championship meets
  • Rosters
    • MSHSL website deadline is November 19. You can update and make changes later.
    • Double check spelling of skiers’ names before submission
  • Go to by November 16 to submit the rules meeting attendance code

Meeting adjourned at 11:50am, followed by raffle prizes, lunch, continued Vendor Fair and informal discussion of True Team State Meet concept.