Tech HS Invite Sprints

by Philip Deger
December 2, 2010
Riverside Park, St Cloud, MN

Over 350 nordic skiers (grades 7-12) from 10 Central MN area schools participated in the annual Tech HS Invite Sprints on Thursday, December 2nd, at Riverside Park, St Cloud, MN.

Skiers raced in 1 of 6 divisions (Boys & Girls junior high, junior varsity, varsity) on a 1 kilometer loop of natural and man-made snow. Volunteers from the Ski Club of Central MN "made" snow at Riverside Park over Thanksgiving weekend. Last Tuesday, November 30th, ski team members from Apollo, Cathedral, and Tech High Schools shoveled and hauled snow to complete the 1K race course.

Next race: Apollo Invite
Tuesday, December 7th, @Riverside Park

Individual results:
Varsity Girls Top Ten:
1st Callie Smith (Mora)
2nd Monah Gamman-Deering (LF)
3rd Mattia Hendrickson(LF)
4th Chelsea Rutz (LF)
5th Julia Sieling (Alex)
6th Maddie Shug (Apollo)
7th Melissa Gromatles (Alex)
8th Allison Reichl (Apollo)
9th Kaitlin Geisenhof (LF)
10th Alli Kosobud (Brd)

Varsity Boys Top Ten:
1st Nick Proell (Tech)
2nd Sam Anderson (Tech)
3rd Zean Baker (Brd)
4th Riley Nelson (Brd)
5th Elliot Busta (Tech)
6th Nick Theisen (Apollo)
7th Chris Rouw (Tech)
8th Karl Christensen (Tech)
9th Tim Nelson (Brd)
10th Max Anderson (Mora)
Team Results (6 races):

GIRLS: 1st place Little Falls 59pts
Mora 40pts
Brainerd 37pts
Alexandria 14pts
Apollo 10pts
Buffalo 5pts
No score: Cathedral, St Johns Prep, Tech, Willmar

BOYS: 1st place Tech 57pts
Brainerd 38pts
Mora 28pts
Little Falls 19pts
Alexandria 15pts
Apollo 6pts
Willmar 2pts
No score: Buffalo, Cathedral, St Johns Prep