Elm Creek Series Results

January 5, 2011

Conditions: Temperature: 18F but felt like single digits with windchill (temperature dropped quickly after a window of warm weather in mid 20s came by earlier today); very firm base with some glare sections in the skating lane; one area in the Thicket trails was a big ice/soft frozen water puddle around 5:30pm due to the rain and melt down around the New Year's eve. But thanks to the Elm Creek Park Reserve grooming staff who shoveled tons of snow onto the whole icy area and groomed several passes before the races, the trails were in a good shape for the races, which brought many smiley faces and great comments from the skiers. Classic tracks were set well. After reviewing the course conditions, shoveling snow on the icy spots, and eventually getting big help from the grooming staff, the race director decided to go with the planned full 5K loop including Valley, Thicket and Northern Light trails.

Race distance: 5K, both classic and freestyle, mass start. 
Laszlo Alberti                           13:00 (F)           - men's freestyle winner
Chip Tabor                               13:05 (F) 
John Kallemeyn                           13:08 (F) 
Drew Halbrook                            13:32 (F)/16:07 (C)- men's classic winner
John Hopkins                             13:38 (F) 
Ted Lystig                               14:22 (F) 
Hanne Guthrie                            14:45 (F)/17:59 (C) - women's freestyle winner 
Eddie Gantzer                            14:59 (F) 
Maria Tinebra                            15:59 (F) 
Melinda Silbernick                       16:39 (F) 
Rich Hoban                               16:43 (F) 
Andrea Potyondy-Smith                    16:48 (F)/22:25 (C)
Tim Hieb                                 16:57 (F) 
Sandy Schreyer                           17:47 (F) 
Rosie Frankowski                                 /16:24 (C)  – women’s classic winner 
Marissa Yovetich                                 /16:31 (C) 
Jim Smith                                        /18:37 (C)  
Alan Doop                                        /19:15 (C) 
Bill Farquhar                                    /20:14 (C) 
Renee Coe                                        /26:21 (C) 

20 skiers showed up tonight for the first ECTT race event in the New Year 2011. Almost 1/2 of skiers raced in the classic event, and a few raced both. Great to see many old friends and new faces. Welcome back, John H., Chip T., Drew H., Bill F., and Renee C.!!! Sandy, welcome to MN and Elm Creek!!! We are glad we have snow for you (first time skiing at Elm Creek!!!). Laszlo, this is your second win in a row with a much tougher pack of 4 to chase John K. down. Andrea, congratulations on your Classic PR time. Bill, you are tough to chase down out there.

Thanks all for coming out tonight. It was a great night with great people. Jim Smith is tonight's winner for the drawing ($25 gift certificate) -- please come and claim it next week (or call/email, 612-991-4912 or xu.amy@dorsey.com)

--Amy Xu (Timer) reporting for Race Director, Melinda Silbernick