Tuesday Night Lights at Pine Valley

by Tom Urbanski
January 25, 2011

Temperature: 16 degrees F
Wind: 5 mph W
Snow: transformed, slightly greasy feeling
Grooming: Groomed today, excellent skate lane and classic track
Distance: 5 kilometers (two lighted loops)

Timed Division:
1. Greg Williams	14:48 skate (time-trialed alone before going to work)
2. Ken Ripp		14:50 skate
3. Mark Hagen		15:45 skate
4. Kevin Robertson	17:08 skate
5. Tom Urbanski		18:20 skate
6. John Johnson		18:48 skate
7. Tim Couture		19:45 skate
8. Arvid Brekke		22:15 skate
9. Travis Couture	23:56 skate
10. Wally Avello		26:37 classic

No-Pressure-Just-For-Fun Division, sponsored by the Pine Valley Clydesdales:
Brance Modin (skied a fast time, though)
Dave Luehr
Sara Dougherty
Paul Schillo
Emma Waugh
Jon Waugh
Brian Zuck

Timing Volunteer:
Karen Williams

Next Event: Tuesday, February 1, skiing starts at about 6:30 p.m., arrive a few minutes early to register. All abilities welcome, absolutely free to everyone. No trail fee required.