Tuesday Night Lights at Pine Valley

by Tom Urbanski
February 8, 2011
Temperature: 7 degrees F
Wind: 13 mph SW, gusts to 23 mph (very cold again)
Snow: old, mostly boilerplate, tree debris in classic track
Grooming: groomed yesterday
Distance: 5 kilometers (two lighted loops)

Timed Division:
1. Mark Hagen	15:46 skate (skied alone before heading to Minneapolis)
2. Kevin Robertson	16:08 skate
3. Brian Zuck		17:55 skate
4. Brance Modin	 	20:11 skate
5. Tim Couture	 	24:29 classic

No-Pressure-Just-For-Fun Division, sponsored by the Pine Valley Clydesdales:
Wally Avello		Classic

Too-Stupid-To-Stay-Home-When-They-Are-Sick Division (New Touring Division)
Tom Urbanski		Classic
Greg Williams		Skate

Timing Volunteer:
Karen Williams  (Thanks for helping every week and standing out in the cold!)

Notes: It was another very chilly night on the trail due to the gusty winds and windchill. Three of the four weeks this year had cold weather, participation numbers were highest during the week when the weather was more moderate. Trail was relatively quiet tonight, and no ski jumpers because they canceled due to the cold weather and wind.

Next Event: This was the final event of the four-week series. Thanks to everyone who participated, we'll see you next season!