Elm Creek Series Results

by Amy Xu
February 9, 2011

Conditions: Temperature -2F and wind-chill -18F, firm base, very cold grinding snow in the skating lanes, and firm and well-set classic tracks. The race course was set on the full 5K loop including Valley, Thicket and Northern Light trails.

Race distance: 5K, both classic and freestyle, mass start.

Jacob Kjome                16:40 (F)  -- men’s freestyle winner
Tim Hieb                   18:22 (F)
Jim Smith                          /18:57 (C) -- men’s classic winner

It was probably one of the coldest ECTT nights ever with sub-zero temp. and -18F windchill. Though the skiing condition was probably the slowest, the racers proved our Mother Nature that nothing can stop them from skiing with their love for the sport of xc skiing. Before the race, everyone was reminiscent about the coldest and once-in-a-life-time event, including the Arrowhead 135, North Pole marathon, etc. And upon the gun shot, everyone hammered right from the beginning. Their warmth breathes were blended with the chilly night air which attempted to form a frozen wall in front of everyone. But the frozen wall was immediately got crushed when the racers pushed themselves forward. Such image would have been difficult to capture during the day but was absolutely clear at a night like this. Great job tonight in a tough going condition.

Jacob, your tonight’s 5K TT made your City of Lakes Loppet effort looked much easier, particularly on those same waxed skis. Tim & Jim, one cannot believe that you shaved a good margin of your time from last week’s race. Recover well, and if you are heading to Mora this weekend to see King Vasa, don’t bring an extra pole for the King as he skis very fast with one (one cannot image how much faster if he skis with 2 poles). Have a great Vasaloppet or whatever race you plan to do. It’ll be a heat wave for you!!!

Jim Smith is tonight's winner for the drawing ($25 gift certificate) -- please come and claim it next week.

--Amy Xu reporting for Race Director and Timer, Melinda Silbernick