Black Lake Loppet

by David Harrington
March 13, 2011
18 Degrees - Calm - Cloudy
Black Lake Trails
Turtle River, MN
Course:  Fast

Female Skate   (actual times)
1.      Mur GIlman  40:35
2.      Kaitlin Bakker 43:32
3.      Polly Merhar  51:37

Female Classic
1.      Summer Johnson  55:37

Male Skate
1.      Mark Walters   33:31
2.      Ryan Aylesworth 33:32
3.      Mike Meehlhause  34:49

Classic Male
1.      Leif Ronnander  38:52
2.      Abe Nistler             44.44
3.      CJ Merhar               46:25

Wave Class Winners

Donut Duster (Wave 1): Bruce Slinkman
Hole-y Rolls (Wave 2): Pat Donnay
Spring Forward (Wave 3): Polly Merhar
Frosted and Sprinkled (Wave 4): Mur Gilman
Fried and Baked (Wave 5): Ken Grantier
Looking Good in Lycra (Wave 6): Kaitlin Bakker
Saving Daylights (Wave 7): Mark Walters
Icing on the Cake (Wave 8): Michael Meehlhause
Stale Donuts: (Untimed): Dan Mckeon

Best Dressed: Ryan (the guy with the tie) Rogers
Iron Stomach: Ramie Hamrin (5 jalepino stuffed olives)
Black Lake Loppet Birkebeiner: Baby-on-Back Mckeon
Baby on Board: Allison McKeon (a few months YOUNGER than winner of next category)
Youngest ever spectator: Lara Mueller (7 weeks)
WoodenSki Paparazzi (Reuters, api, upi, who-am-I?): John Arenz
Red Lantern: Bob Batchelder
Donuts ordered: 14 dozen
Donuts too many: About 3 dozen

13th across the line on the 13th of March: Kaitlin Bakker

We hope these are NOT categories next year:

Time the road was blocked by logging truck jackknifed about 150 yards from the trailhead: about 45 minutes.
Time people had to wait after the award ceremony before they could drive home: about 25 minutes.
TIme Ev had to wait for the truck: about 40 minutes. He never waits for the awards.