Elm Creek Series

by Amy Xu
January 11, 2012

Conditions: Temperature: 16F, wind-chill -2F, man-made snow, groomed trails, great course condition for racing (except very strong cold wind-chill). The race course is 2 laps of 2.5K full Valley Trail loop.

Race distance: 5K, both classic and freestyle, mass start.

Freestyle Race Result  
Andy Dodds                          11:37 (men freestyle winner)
AndySchakel                         11:41
Laszlo Alberti                      11:42
Andrew Kroese                       11:55
Nicholas Burgraff                   11:57
Andrew Taverna                      12:57
Ingrid Leask                        13:02 (women freestyle winner)
Jason Bolz                          13:25
Jenny Beckman                       13:30
Nathaniel Tollefson                 13:52
Ed Bieging                          13:54
Joe Prescott                        14:12
Luke Pedersen                       15:13
Tim Hieb                            15:27
Classic Race Result:
Nicholas Burgraff                   15:02 (men classic winner)
Josh Overturf                       15:22
Ingrid Leask                        16:54 (women classic winner)
Sarah Wall                          20:34
Erin Scallen                        21:17
Marta Seitz                         21:34
Daniel Wall                         22:32
Elle Newcome                        22:45
Katie George                        23:43
Grace Befort                        24:50
It was an unbelievable night, probably the windiest night of the season so far, about 30mph gust. Wind-chill reached -2F and felt even worse. A big field of freestyle racers competed in tonight’s tough windy condition, led by Andy Dodds, Andy Schakel and Laszlo Alberti. Andy Dodds pulled away from the lead pack in the second lap and claimed the man’s title. In the women’s field, Ingrid Leask claimed both freestyle and classic titles. Nicholas Burgraff dominated the classic race by taking an early lead and maintained its position. Elm Creek park staff helped groom the trails to crush and really soften the ice base as the course had been glare icy after the HS conference meet this afternoon. Thanks for grooming the course on the fly, literary! After the grooming, the course condition is still pretty fast.

--Amy Xu (Timer) reporting for Race Director, Melinda Silbernick