Elm Creek Series Results

January 18, 2012

Conditions: Temperature: 3F, wind-chill -17F, man-made snow, groomed trails, hard packed trails with new 1” natural snow drift on top, very tough condition for racing tonight (strong wind blowing off the fluffy snow fell earlier). The race course was 2 laps of 2.5K full Valley Trail loop.

Race distance: 5K, both classic and freestyle, mass start.

Freestyle Race Result
Nate Porath                12:37 (men freestyle winner)
Jon Miller                 12:43
John Kallemeyer            12:46
Danny Kueffer              13:20
Logan Smestad              13:38
Scott Kyser                13:44
Elias Anoszko              13:49
John Hopkins               13:58
Max Anderson               14:29
Kathlean DeWahl            14:34 (women freestyle winner)
Andrew Potterberger        14:40
Melissa MacMillan          14:48
Andy Rishavy               14:49
Jed Friedrich              14:57
Kevin Clark                15:13
Nathaniel Tollefson        15:44
Tom Woolhoove              15:57
Pete Thurmes               16:32
Eric Storhoff              16:59
Tim Hieb                   17:22
Cassandra Brady            18:04
Chris Smith                19:31
Classic Race Result:
Jon Miller                 15:01 (men classic winner)
Nate Porath                15:15
Scott Kyser                16:02
Kathlean DeWahl            16:13 (women classic winner)
Logan Smestad              16:35
Max Anderson               16:54
Pete Thurmes               17:22
Elias Anoszko              18:10
Tom Woolhoove              19:10
Tom Ingram                 24:12
Skylar Schuth              27:15
Andrew Stello              28:20
Molly Abbott Ladner        30:20
Ashley Morrow              31:13
Kyanna Sturm               31:56
Chloe Lutterman            32:12
Classic Race Result (1 lap):
Mariah Carlson                   22:24
Kyra McCann Herrera              23:24
Yesenia Lopez-Mendora            23:55
Kornkanok Rataraporasartporn     25:59

It seemed that the Wind Goddess just loves the Wed. nights’ Elm Creek Race Series. After some fluffy real snow around 5:30pm-6pm, the Wind Goddess not only followed, but also brought the gust of 40mph with wind-chill -17F. But, an amazingly strong field of racers competed in tonight’s cold and windy condition. In the Freestyle race, a pack of three, Nate Porath, Jon Miller, and John Kallemeyer, led the field, and the rest quickly separated into several groups where the ones in the front plodded through the gusty wind, and the ones on the back determined to hang on tight as much as possible to stay in the draft. Nate pulled away in the second lap and took the overall win in the Freestyle race by 6 seconds over Jon Miller. But in the Classic race, it was all Jon Miller who finished on top with a 14 seconds winning margin. Kathlean DeWahl was more than impressive in taking not only the women freestyle and classic titles, but also being the 4th overall in the classic race. But, with tonight’s weather condition, every racer is a big winner. Congratulations to all. Finally, our hearts go to Bib # 1 racer, Chris Smith of Eden Prairie, and a group of youngsters from FAIR School of Minneapolis, thanks to coach Bayr’s and parents’ cheers and encouragement.
--Amy Xu (Timer) reporting for Race Director, Melinda Silbernick