Elm Creek Series Results

by Amy Xu
February 1, 2012

Conditions: Temperature: 38F, calm, no wind, sloppy, mushy soft condition for most of the uphill sections, tracks are soft with suction, good tracksets. The race course is 2 laps of 2.5K full Valley Trail loop.

Race distance: 5K, both classic and freestyle, mass start.

Freestyle Race Result
Lazelo Alberti 14:03 (men freestyle winner)
Craig Stolen 14:15
Andrew Kroese 14:40
Joel Benton 14:40
Drew Holbrook 14:43
Benjamin Menk 14:47
Paul Ellis 15:21
Al Shuros 15:27
Erik Minge 15:46
Jon Faust 16:38
Jeff Annesley 17:42
Odd Osland 17:45
Eric Storhoff 17:49
Tim Hieb 17:54
Chris Smith 18:09
Melinda Silbernick 18:14 (women freestyle winner)
Bob Thompson 18:27
Ralph Schwartz 19:01
Ben Olson 19:16 (Jr. freestyle winner -- 11 years old!!!!)

Classic Race Result:
Al Shuros 17:50 (men classic winner)
Craig Stolen 17:57
Jon Faust 21:03
Bob Thompson 26:06

Tonight’s (Feb. 1) race felt like the mid to late March spring skiing. Snow started to melt quickly after 2 days of 40s F, the trails were soft with suction being built all day, particularly it was noticeable in the tracks. It was a hard work night, and great effort!!! Rewards have nothing to do with the results (most skiers posted about 2 minutes slower than a typical night. In the Freestyle race, Craig Stolen and Lazelo Alberti of Team Birkie took the lead early and never looked back. Before the second lap, Lazelo pulled away from Craig Stolen and won the event. In the Classic race, Al Shuros edged Craig Stolen and pulled away earlier. It was a tough night skiing, but YOU ALL DID IT.

--Amy Xu (Timer) reporting for Race Director, Melinda Silbernick