Maplelag Master Blaster Collegiate Invite Results

by Jay Richards
December 23, 2012

Maplelag Resort was host to a 8km skate ski race Sunday morning featuring two laps of a abbreviated lap of skater waltz ski trail which included the infamous suicide hill. Conditions were reported as fast and bumpy making balance and smooth technique important elements during the race. Jake Richards, Per Lundmark and Carlos were off the front early but confirmation from racers that Carlos cut part of the course numerous of times resulted in a disqualification for Carlos, leaving Richards the win. Jen Rolfes of Harvard just nipped Soaring Eagle select skier Anne Ellefson at the line for the women's title.

 1) Jake Richards       20:40      College St Scholastica
 2) Per Lundmark        21:20      St Johns University
 3) Matt Bernston       21:29      Colorado School of Mines
 4) Nels Thompson       21:48      St Olaf College
 5) Ted McKlven         22:31      Harvard
 6) Ian Fritz           23:50      Detroit Lakes High School
 7 Jay Richards         24:08      Maplelag MB
 8) Zach Foltz          25:10      Detroit Lakes High School
 9) Matt Rock           25:10.5    Williams College
10 Jen Rolfes           25:46      Harvard
11) Anne Ellefson       25:48      Soaring Eagle Selects MB
12) Jack Ellefson       26:18      Soaring Eagle Selects MB
13) John Lucke          26:42      St Olaf College
14) Brett Sullivan      26:44      Iowa State University
15) Allie Aufderheide   27:10      St Olaf College
16) Travis Holve        27:12      Luther College
17) Piper Bain          28:01      Weston College
18) Emma Krieter        28:03      Whaton
Matt Lee                DNS        College St Scholastica
Dylan Ramstad Skoyles   DNS        University of North Dakota
Carlos                  DQ         Maplelag