West Itasca-Xmas-New Years Race Results

by Amy Xu
December 23, 2012

Conditions: Air temp. 9F-11F; very little wind; natural snow; nicely groomed lake trails. Good racing condition!

Race course: 20K/5K skate and classic, self-seated mass start

Commentary: Nellie Stone Johnson Middle School Ski Team (a City of Lakes Loppet Foundation outreach ski program) celebrated its holiday season by participating in a holiday ski camp at Rainbow Resort, learned techniques, and then participated in today’s WEST ITASCA Xmas New Year race events at the end of the camp. The race events were some of these kids’ first race event. They had a chance to ski/race with their own Birkie elite-wave coaches, the World Cup biathlete, the winner of the 48K classic winner at Pepsi Challenge… The coolest thing to watch was how these kids cheered on their coaches after they finished their own 5K races and also their BIG smiles after crashing the finish line. Each racer got their door prizes and post-race refreshments. We wish them to continue learning how to ski and loving the sports of xc skiing for many years to come. Driving 4 hours to race this event was simply the determination - it was not a problem according to Jim Smith, a regular racer at the Elm Creek Wed Night ski race series. Troutners were not strangers to many, and we all welcome them back to the MN winter wonderland. Wish everyone Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

5K Freestyle(F)/Classic(C)
Audrey Weber                   13:29 (F)
Andrew Magill                  16:42 (F)
Kris Cubias                    38:02 (F)
Addfo Daminguez                45:59 (F)
5K Freestyle(F)/Classic(C)
Litavius Munn                  30:20 (C)
Bryce Holt                     30:21 (C)
Jon Ramicez                    40:36 (C)
Ronaldo Gabire                 48:51 (C)
20K Freestyle (F)/Classic (C)
Steve Troutner               1:18:22 (F)
20K Freestyle (F)/Classic (C)
Jon Miller                     54:37 (C)
Jim Smith                    1:03:42 (C)
Jill Troutner                1:10:41 (C)
-- Doug Schumann (Timer/Results), Amy Xu (Race Director)