Elm Creek Series Results

by Amy Xu
December 26, 2012

Conditions: Air temp. 13F (felt like single digit temperature); very little wind; man-made snow; great racing condition!

Race course: 2 laps of 2.5K for skate and classic races, Valley Trail Loop. The skating lanes were hard packed and felt icy, and classic tracks were set very nicely. Race distance: 5K skate; 5K classic, mass start.

Commentary: Tonight’s race events were the post-holiday gut-check events. Eric Slater had a close battle with Trevor Drake in both skate and classic races. Eric held his lead and crossed the line first in both events. Ingrid Leask took the women division’s crown in both skate and classic race events. Special thanks to Beth Maus for helping race registration and timing the events, to Margy Peterson and Andrea Potyondy-Smith for stepping in and helping spot racers’ bibs. It is the racers, the volunteers, and the sponsors that have helped make this low-key weekly race event last nearly 25 years. We wish everyone a very Happy New Year. Next week’s race is the first race of the New Year. Hope to see you then.

Eric Slater                     11:44 (F)/13:23 (C) – male winner of both skate and classic races
Trevor Drake                    11:45 (F)/13:24 (C)
Abe Peterson                    12:06 (F)/13:25 (C)
Will Olstad                     12:25 (F)/14:29 (C)
Eric Lindquist                  12:34 (F)
Thomas Carlson                  12:36 (F)/15:16 (C)
John Hopkins                    12:38 (F)
Spencer Davis                   12:40 (F)
Erik Hendrickson                12:52 (F)
Lief Hanson                     12:59 (F)
Clayton Keim                    13:01 (F)
Izaak Peterson                  13:05 (F)
Ingrid Leask                    13:24 (F)/14:52 (C) - female winner of both stake and classic races
Cody Scott                      13:58 (F)/16:38 (C)
Tim Hieb                        15:46 (F)
Ralph Schwartz                  15:50 (F)
Andrew Hall                     16:01 (F)
Shannon Wald                    16:05 (F)
Christopher Smith               16:27 (F)
Gerald Slater                   16:28 (F)/18:43 (C)
Adam Cich                       18:19 (F) 
Kevin Johnson                           /14:16 (C)
Allie Rykken                            /16:45 (C)
Michael Sandstedt                       /17:37 (C)
Ralph Bovard                            /18:22 (C)
--Amy Xu (Results), Beth Maus (Timer), Melinda Silbernick (Race Director)