Elm Creek Series Results

by Amy Xu
January 16, 2013

Conditions: Air temp. 21F and dropped fast with wind-chill felt like single digit; man-made snow; great racing condition.

Race course: 2 laps of 2.5K for skate and classic races (Valley Trail Loop). The skating lanes and tracks are newly groomed and fast.

Race distance: 5K skate; 5K classic, mass start.

Commentary: To repeat the winnings for both skate and classic races is one thing, but to break both race course records (10:59 skate, and 12:37 classic) in one night is totally blown one away. Anders Bowman did just that. Congratulations, Anders!!! The chase pack raced unbelievably fast and was only about 10 seconds behind Anders in the first lap, but then Anders pulled away and crossed the finish line a huge margin of 41 seconds in the skate race. The chase pack worked together to chase Anders and fought hard for the 2nd and 3rd spots where Laszlo Alberti charged ahead at the final donut hill and edged Adam Johnson for the 2nd place. Back to back, Adam Johnson and Craig Stolen took the 2nd and 3rd place in the classic race. The women skate race title went to Christi Nowak who shaved almost a minute from a week ago and also finished in the 8th place overall. Stephani Seymour claimed the women title in the classic race. It was a great night to see many groups of skiers out there skiing, teaching or taking lessons at Elm Creek. Also, special thanks to Jill Troutner for helping spot skiers when they crossed the finish line. It was a celebratory night for quite a few skiers, including Christopher Smith, Tim Hieb and Andrea Potyondy-Smith, who broke their best personal records of the season.

Anders Bowman                   10:59 (F)/12:37 (C) – male winner of both skate and classic races (COURSE RECORDS!!!)
Laszlo Alberti                  11:40 (F)
Adam Johnson                    11:41 (F)/13:54 (C)
Cater Peterson                  11:43 (F)
Craig Stolen                    11:44 (F)/14:09 (C)
Paul Ellis                      12:01 (F)
Eric Lindquist                  12:41 (F)
Oumar Cherif                    13:06 (F)
Christi Nowak                   13:17 (F) - female winner of the skate race
Dennis Curran                   13:40 (F)
Jesse Longley                   13:47 (F)
Tim Hieb                        14:33 (F)
Christopher Smith               15:01 (F)
Darrin Diedrich                 15:07 (F)
Andrea Potyondy-Smith           15:24 (F)/20:53 (C)
Joel Benton                     16:25 (F)
Stephanie Seymour                        /17:09 (C) – female winner of the classic race

--Amy Xu (Results/Timer), Melinda Silbernick (Race Director)