Elm Creek Series Results

by Amy Xu
January 30, 2013

Conditions: Air temp. 15F (wind-chill -5F, wind 20+ mph gust); natural snow mixed with man-made snow; great racing condition.

Race course: 5K skate and classic races (5K lit trails including Valley Trail, Thicket Trail, and Northern Light Trail). The skating lanes are hard packed and felt fast. Classic tracks are groomed very well with only a few times some tree branches sneak upon you. But, the skate skiers were spoiled with much wider skating lanes!

Race distance: 5K skate; 5K classic, mass start.

Commentary: Northfield Nordic Ski Teams claimed all the winnings of tonight’s skate and classic races. It was the Teams against the rest of the field. When Craig Stolen and Will Olstud charged up the Elm Creek “wall” hill, you know that whoever can stay in that draft position for the rest of the race would most likely win the race as the strong wind gust would eventually took a toll on the leader. Craig knew this, but it would be hard to maneuver, or maybe it was just hard to settle for less when there was a chase pack right behind. So, Will stayed in that position and then charged toward the end and claimed the winning of the skate race. The closer battle was between Darren Halzle and Laszlo Alberti where Darren held off his lead at the last 100 yard. Maria Olson led the women’s field and won both the skate and classic races. Leif Hanson took the crown for the men’s classic race. Jim Smith said that his 3rd classic race of the year was the first race with some real hills which reminded him of his one Mora Vasaloppet race – all he wanted was to get on that lake coming into Mora before the 58K skate leaders get on the lake!!! Watch out, Mora. The hardy Elm Creek classic racers are ready for you!!! Ahvo, if you are there again, watch for Jim!

Will Olstud                     12:39 (F)/14:32 (C) – male winner of the skate race
Craig Stolen                    12:40 (F) 
Leif Hanson                     12:51 (F)/14:28 (C) – male winner of the classic race
Darren Halzle                   13:06 (F)
Laszlo Alberti                  13:07 (F)
Miles Broske                    13:24 (F)/15:50 (C)
Jake Pederson                   14:20 (F)
Artie Huber                     14:26 (F)
Michael Sandstedt               14:28 (F)/16:04 (C)
Tim Hieb                        15:47 (F)
Christopher Smith               16:56 (F)
Marie Olson                     17:09 (F)/19:26 (C) – female winner of both skate and classic races
Andrea Potyondy-Smith           17:18 (F)/22:31 (C)
Annika Peterson                 21:39 (F)/26:14 (C)
Jim Smith                                /19:00 (C)
Lauren Allin                             /24:31 (C)

--Melinda Silbernick (Race Director/Timer), Amy Xu (Timer/Results)