Black Lake Loppet Results

by David Harrington
March 3, 2013
Chris Weir-Ketter  "Lucky 13"
Chris Weir-Ketter had a net time was 1:03:13 but since she started in the second wave, 10 minutes back, her clock time was 1:13:13 for 13th place in the 13k 2013 Black Lake Loppet.  Coincidence? 
There were 66 skiers and the mass finish had about 66% of the skiers finish in a ten minute window.  15 dozen donuts were devoured and no one fell in the fire.  
Wave Winners:
Glazed and Confused:  Bruce Slinkman
Long Johns:  Maari Stocker
French Twist:  Billy Freyholtz
Great Danish:  Mark Walters
Women's Classic Winner:  Anna Ingalls
Men's Classic Winner:  Leif Ronnander
Women's Skate Winner: Maari Stocker
Men's Skate Winner:  Mark Walters
Oldest Skier:  Jack Shelton
Yougest Skiers:  Noni and Liam Larson
Traveled Farthest to Race:  James Dickenson
Tandem Award:  Brad and Crosby Kuzel
Wood Ski Winners:  Don Dameirer, Becky Marty
Best Snot Photo:  C J Merhar
Most Donuts Eaten:  MIchael Meelhause (8!)
Ice Skating at the Transition:  Louis Morrissey
Spirit of Black Lake Loppet "Sprinkle Bell"    Louis Saxton
Spirit of Black Lake Loppet "Sprinkle Bella"  Zoe Fayette