Grand Marais Roller Ski Marathon

September 29, 2013

Overall Female 50 K

     Erica O'Hearn  2:39:49 racing on  Marwe Mediums

Overall Male 50K

           Milan Biac 2:14:38 racing on Marwe Mediums

50K Men 30+

          1st  Place   Denny Paull 2:14:42 racing on Marwe 105mm

                2nd Place   John O’Hearn 2:16:42 racing on Marwe med

                3rd Place    Randle Bladel 2:16:44 racing on Gene X Aero 150

                                  David Nagode 2:27:22 racing on Marwe #6

                                  Tony Schwaller 2: 27:23 racing on Roller Ski Shop 105

                                  David Melcher 2:45:02 racing on NA

50K Men 29 and under

          1st Place  Martin Schmalz 2:20:07 racing on Marwe #NA

          2nd Place  Alex Smith 2:55:25 racing on Marwe #NA


Overall Male 25K

          Matthew Van Meter 1:25:22 racing on Woodski

25K Men 30+

          1st Place  Lee Ries 1:27:45 racing on Shark Sketts 100mm

Ski and wheel information provided by participants and recorded here as indicated their registration form.*