Dan Josephson

November 11, 2013

Start of the Nordic Season Update


As we all know the ski season opens today. The temperatures outside right now have the right feel to them, all we need now is the white stuff to make our jobs easier and all of us happier. A few updates and reminders we need to review.

First off remember that all coaches, head, assistant, and paid or unpaid volunteers must meet the MSHSL requirements in order to coach this year. Every coach must log on to the MSHSL "Coach’s Clipboard" and complete the Continuing Education and Concussion Management requirements. Also new this year is the Online Rules Interpretation for Nordic Skiing. Every coach working at the JV or Varsity level MUST complete this. The online meeting is currently available by signing into your account and clicking on the required link. I completed my rules meetings and quizzes this morning. If you have specific questions about the requirements please see your AD.

Second, as we decided at our fall meeting, we will be voting again on a proposal to send to the MSHSL Board of Director’s. We will be voting on whether or not to change our current qualification for the state meet from the winning team of 7 skiers and the next 8 individual skiers not on the winning team from each section, to the top two teams and the next six individuals not on the winning teams. Voting will take place either electronically or via email starting on November 26th and be completed by December 6th. Vote results will be announced by Friday December 13th at the latest. As per our by-laws, only head coaches that are current members of the MSHSNSCA will be allowed to vote on the proposal. Each team, boys and girls, will get a vote. This year during the voting there will be a current list of member coaches and whether or not that member coach has voted or not voted posted on the website. The individual yes or no vote will remain private and not be released to the public.

Third, Roland Ring-Jarvi has taken the bull by the horns this year and will be showing us how a 3 event meet can work. He is taking the time to organize and run two sample meets to show people what this is all about. The first meet will take place at Wirth Park on December 23rd and the second meet will take place at Camp Ripley on January 16th. Spots will be limited to 10 teams at each meet, so contact Rollie to reserve your team’s spot.  [ Information posted on ]

Forth, remember to join the coaches’ association. This means Head coaches and all members of the coaching staff. A current roster as of November 5th 2013 is listed on the website. There are several reasons to do so but to just point out a few major ones…
1. $1,000,000.00 liability insurance coverage
2. Athletes can be recognized for academic as well as athletic achievements through All-State awards presented by the MSHSNSCA.
3. Head coaches have the ability to vote on proposals that are sent to the MSHSL for action.
4. For a full list of the benefits of membership please visit our association website.

Finally when navigating to our website, , you will notice the information has been updated and contains information that is important to us. I will continue to keep important information updated on the site throughout the season. Please let me know if you have trouble with the site or would like to see something different posted.

If you are getting this email forwarded to you or reading the information off of and would like to receive the email directly there is a new sign up at the bottom right of the association webpage. This is where you can add yourself to the email list.

Have a great start to you season,

Dan Josephson
President MSHSNSCA
Detroit Lakes