Elm Creek Series Results

by Amy Xu
December 18, 2013

Conditions: Air temp. 38F to 34F, no wind. Very nicely groomed trails, great track sets with a few leaves in the tracks. Great racing condition tonight!

The heat wave brought us the very pleasant evening racing condition. A larger group of racers lined up at the start line of the skate race as well as the classic race. The racers were super friendly, yet the batter after the shot gun went off was all business and hard work. Tonight, the lead pack includes Anders Bowman (welcome back!), Cory Ellertson, Craig Stolen, and Grant Coch who pushed the pace and broke the 13-minute mark the first time this season. Cory once again charged to the front and took the title of the skate race. Trevor Drake, Craig Stolen, and Adam Johnson claimed the top three in the classic race (all three raced the back to back first skate then classic). Congrats to Eric Linquist’s 1st time classic race and impressive effort. The women’s field grew to five this time where Eleanor Magnuson, Jenny Beckman, and Margaret Litchy finished top three in the skate race, and Andrea Potyondy-Smith claimed the title in the classic race. Congratulations to all participants for the great effort.

Race course: 1 lap of 5K lit trails (Valley Trail loop, Thicket trails, Northern Light trails). The race course was very well groomed, good track sets with a few leaves in the tracks.

Race distance: 5K, both classic and freestyle, mass start.

Cory Ellertson            12:52 (F) ? male winner of the skate race
Anders Bowman             12:58 (F)                               
Craig Stolen              13:01 (F)/15:55 (C)
Grant Coch                13:02 (F)
Trevor Drake              13:12 (F)/15:31 (C) -- male winner of the classic race
Abe Peterson              13:22 (F)
Ansel Schimpff            13:22 (F)
Adam Johnson              13:36 (F)/16:25 (C)
Clayton Keim              13:40 (F)
Erik Hendrickson          13:41 (F)
Craig Rudd                13:42 (F)
Eleanor Magnuson          13:55 (F) -- female winnner of the skate race
Eric Lindquist            13:56 (F)/16:59 (C)
Bob Gerben                14:03 (F)
Ethan Richards            14:07 (F)
Jenny Beckman             14:42 (F)
Margaret Litchy           15:03 (F)
Peter Maves               15:40 (F)/19:07 (C)
Kelly Donahue             16:38 (F)
Andrea Potyondy-Smith     16:58 (F)/23:54 (C) -- female winner of the classic race
Jim Smith                          /19:32 (C)
Christopher Smith                  /21:09 (C)

Note: Next Wed. is the Christmas Day, and EC park is closed. The Wed. night race is now rescheduled to the following day, Thursday, 12/26/2013, at the same time and same place/course. Wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and happy holidays.

--Amy Xu (Timer/Results), Melinda Silbernick (Race Director)