Elm Creek Series Results

by Amy Xu
December 26, 2013

Conditions: Air temp. 26F to 17F, no wind. Very nicely groomed trails, clean tracksets with a few man-made washouts in Northern Light and Thicket trails. Another great racing condition tonight! Next week's race will resume on Wed., Jan 1, 2014. See you in the New Year!

Most of the racers tonight doubled their racing efforts by racing the pursuit style of the Wed nights' skate/classic back to back. Eric Lindquist and Mata Agre were on fire tonight by winning both races, respectively. While we are also cheering on and supporting local elite skier Matt Liebsch's dream to the 2014 Winter Olympic in Sochi in less than 6 weeks, Matt's buddies, Eric and Laszlo, put on their own impressive races themselves. Eric took on both events and led by a big margin, whereas Laszlo tried to do his first classic race and claimed the 3rd place! The closer part of the skate race was in the middle pack among Bob Gerten, Mata Agre, and Christi Nowak, and the pack among Tim Hieb, Halle Weismann, and Andrea Potyondy-Smith. Great effort!

Race course: 1 lap of 5K lit trails (Valley Trail loop, Thicket trails, Northern Light trails). The race course was very well groomed, clean tracksets with a few man-made washouts.

Race distance: 5K, both classic and freestyle, mass start.

Eric Lindquist            14:01 (F)/16:31 (C) -- male winner of both skate race and classic race
Laszlo Alberti            14:22 (F)/17:27 (C)
Clayton Keim              14:24 (F)
Ethan Richards            14:42 (F)
Bob Gerben                14:59 (F)/17:16 (C)
Mata Agre                 15:06 (F)/18:13 (C)--female winner of both skate race and classic race
Christi Nowak             15:10 (F)/19:09 (C)
Tim Hieb                  17:26 (F)
Halle Weisman             17:31 (F)/20:14 (C)
Andrea Potyondy-Smith     17:35 (F)/23:57 (C)
Jim Smith                          /19:40 (C)

Note: Next Wed. is the New Year's Day, and EC park is OPEN. The Wed. night race is resumed to Wed. Nights, at the same time and same place/course. Wish everyone a very Happy Nee Year.

--Steve Cirks (Timer of skate race), Amy Xu (Timer of classic race/Results), Melinda Silbernick (Race Director)