Reid Lutter

March 14, 2014

CXC Midwest Competition Committee Spring Meeting

What: CXC Midwest Competition Committee spring meeting
Where: Dooley's Pub, Eau Claire
When: April 19 11:00 AM

This meeting is open to all. Each CXC club or registered high school team can have one voting coach. Anyone can attend the junior committee meetings, present agenda items and participate in discussions. However, only the official members may vote.

Topics of discussion (please email Reid Lutter to add). Reid will put together an official agenda.

  • JNQ schedule (Did you like this years schedule? Do go to Houghton next year in December to get ready for Sr. Nats?)
  • JN selection rules review (U16 races scored, U20 selection rules)
  • Professional Timing of JNQ events. Do we look for one timer to time them all (ease in registration/results and guaranteed professional standard)?
  • JNQ 2013-2014 races review
  • Committee By-laws review
  • Senior Nationals review
  • Senior Nationals 2014/15 houghton
  • Junior Nationals review
  • Election of new head coach for JN 2015 and JN 2016.
  • Level 100 clinics and requirement for 2015
  • NENSA U16 Trip review
  • Selection of coaches for NENSA u16 trip review. How many are needed.
  • Camps Schedules