Virtual Hot Lap Competitions

December 8, 2020

With the pandemic still in full swing, most competitions shut down, and not much snow, most skiers are stuck putting in many laps on man-made snow. So we thought it'd be fun to have a virtual "hot lap" competition!    

Current Standings

Theodore Wirth

Name Date Dist Time Technique Notes
Brian Gregg Dec 11 - Morning 1.4K 3:37 Classic Toko NF Red (Now Called Toko Base Performance Red), I opted to double pole with Madshus Propulsion Skis.
Brian Gregg Dec 7 - Morning 1.4K 3:43 Classic Classic skied on Rex Gold Klister covered with Start Oslo purple (8 inches under foot).
Gus Schatzlein Dec 16 - Morning 1.4K 3:15 Freestyle Firm and fast conditions.
Brian Gregg Dec 10 - Morning 1.4K 3:19 Freestyle Six lap TT, posted fastest lap. Wax Toko NF Red.
Chris Parr Dec 11 - Morning 1.4K 3:39 Freestyle Tactic was to go hard the day AFTER Brian Gregg humiliates everyone.
Molly Moening Dec 10 - Morning 1.4K 3:49 Freestyle 10K TT, posted fastest lap.  Got a bit mushy with temps and more skiers.
Bill Oyler Dec 11 - Morning 1.4K 3:57 Freestyle Fast conditions, also did no pole lap (4:20) and double-pole (4:37)
Blaze Fugina Dec 18 - Evening 1.4K 3:57 Freestyle Fast and firm in most places, with the exception of some sugar on a few uphill portions.
Benjamin Mullin Dec 10 - Morning 1.4K 4:03 Freestyle Used hard track Rossignol skis with storage wax.
Ben Martin Dec 18 - Morning 1.4K 4:03 Freestyle Fastest lap as part of Highland Parks TT.
Chris Jandro Dec 16 - Afternoon 1.4K 4:09 Freestyle 28 degrees and great conditions
Blaze Fugina Dec 11 - Evening 1.4K 4:19 Freestyle Skate deck felt fairly fast and firm other than a few places where the sugar had built up.
Bruce Adelsman Dec 9 - Morning 1.4K 4:29 Freestyle Fast conditions
Steve Dolan Dec 12 - Evening 1.4K 6:30 Freestyle Storage wax on skis.
Amy Myrbo Dec 11 - Morning 1.4K 9:00 Classic Classic tracks were great.

Elm Creek

Name Date Dist Time Technique Notes
Zack Danielson Dec 15 - Afternoon 2.0K 5:06 Freestyle Skate deck was firm but the hill coming up to the stadium was getting a bit sugary.
Jay Wenner Dec 19 - Morning 2.0K 5:53 Freestyle Used 2004 Fischer Skatecuts
Jeremy Hecker Dec 12 - Morning 1.1K 3:15 Freestyle Used a pair of Salomon Blues with some test structure and Rex G41.
Benjamin Mullin Dec 13 - Morning 1.1K 3:17 Freestyle Used my warm flex/grind Rossi's with 'illegal' wax.
Jack Nightingale Dec 9 - Afternoon 1.1K 3:22 Freestyle Conditions were very fast despite the 50 degree weather.
Mark Waldoch Dec 12 - Afternoon 1.1K 5:16 Classic Used Atomic Redster C9 skins with Swix CH7 glide.

Hyland Lake

Name Date Dist Time Technique Notes
Steve Dolan Dec 16 - Afternoon 0.8K 6:38 Freestyle Lots of people out midday

How to Enter

Record your fastest lap time, based on the current open course, at any of the snowmaking venues.   Then post a trail report, mention the trail conditions, your technique, and lap time.  Include your wax and/or equipment selection too, if you'd like!    We'll pull times from the trail reports and post them into the standings.

Note:  Make sure you've got your trail passes for the venue (don't be a trail pass doper!).

Trail Report Forms