High School Season

December 10, 2020

This is a challenging year for high school sports...but it’s also a year in which we can grow. This is the year for us to all get creative in reaching out to check in on one another virtually, to have team bonding moments through the Internet, and to work on our mental toughness while pushing ourselves in solo intervals. And it’s definitely not a year to give up!

The hard work that everyone puts in this year will carry forward into stronger fitness and better skiing next season. And the chance to be back with the team in person will feel even more special! So don’t stop skiing and find ways to connect with your teammates and stay accountable to one another with your training.

I’m cheering for everyone back home and I hope there are new goals set, and a lot of fun had on skis even if it looks a little different this year!

-Jessie Diggins