Denny Green

February 3, 2024

Victor C Dunder Award Nominations Sought


Congratulations on finishing your season. As we close down our seasons, please don’t forget about the Victor C Dunder Award. This award is, in short, an award designed to get quality equipment to skiers just finishing their FIRST YEAR in financial need. It needs to be based on need. You may nominate one boy OR one girl from your current team who was a first year skier to receive the award. Please check out the link on the coaches’ website or below for more info. There is an application that each skier needs to fill out and also a short form and essay that the coach needs to fill out as well. Remember, the coach needs to be a member of the coaches association. Deadline is March 31st. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Information and links to applications: Victor C. Dunder Award

Thank you for your time,
Denny Green Victor C Dunder Award Committee