Racing Outlook

  • Jan 20 River View Loppet (Brule, WI)  

    • Jan 15 update:
      The storm was a fizzle. We do not have the snow. We are postponing the race to Sunday, Feb 18 with an 11:00AM start. We plan on the same races and distances previously advertised. Thank you for your patience.
      - Al Klein
    • Jan 11 update:
      We are optimistic that the River View Loppet will be held on Jan 20. Our final determination will be announced no later than noon on Monday, Jan 15. The $20 fee previously announced for entries after noon Thursday, Jan 18th, will be waived. We will accommodate day of race entries at After Hours but please bring checks or cash and arrive by 9:00 AM. If there is a large number of race day entries we may need to delay the start by up to 30 minutes. Depending on how our base develops over the next few days, the length of the 28 K skate race may be shortened to 18 K. The course may not be in tip-top shape, as there may be grass and a bit of grit in areas where the base is thin. Skiers may not want to use their best skis. Much effort will be made to make the course skiable, but all skiers should ski with caution. Our announcement on or before Jan 15 will clarify the possible changes.
      - Al Klein
  • Feb 18 River View Loppet (Brule, WI)  

    • Feb 9 update:
      We are cancelling. We will be back in January 2025.
      - Al Klein

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