September 20, 2021

Train with Team Birkie

Make it a weekend of training and racing with Team Birkie! Meet the top skiers in the Midwest that are members of the newly formed Team Birkie. Stretch, learn, run, and rollerski with the Team to have an active and fun weekend!

Friday: 6pm, American Birkebeiner Trailhead. Join Team Birkie for a light stretch session to make sure you are limber for whichever race you participate in on Saturday. Learn how to plan your Saturday morning warm-up and optimize your fuel for race day. Meet outside of Bib Pick-up.

Saturday: Team Birkie athletes will be competing in the Half Marathon and Marathon. After they run, the athletes will be ready to take on the kid’s race! Team Birkie Athletes will warm up the kid’s and lead them out on the 1K course. See them at the finish line for chocolate milk!

Sunday: Join the Team for an Over Distance skate rollerski. Meet in the parking lot at the OO Trailhead and be ready to ski at 8:45am.