Elm Creek, November 11, 2020
New bridge goes up for Theodore Wirth South, April 1, 2021
Super Cup Regional Finals, March 6, 2021

New Forest Lake Ski Teams Split

April 1, 2021
Starting in the 2021-22 season, Forest Lake High School will field two Nordic ski teams -- Forest Lake East and Forest Lake West. Given the past dominance of the Forest Lake teams, the move could lead to a 1-2 team finish at State!

New Felony Charges for Trail Violations

April 1, 2021
New legislation passed last week now makes it a felony for walkers found on marked ski trails with up to two years in jail and/or a $10K fine. For rogue snowmobiles, the penalties increase to five years and/or $50K. In addition, the bill provides for trail cameras to catch violators.

New Johaug Rolls Out New Line of Gloves

April 1, 2021
Therese Johaug is touting new racing gloves for next season. The black and orange gloves have copper bands stitched in, providing roughly 10% more power to the poling motion as well as increased warmth. Rumors suggest the US Ski Team will incorporate the technology into their relay socks.

New Fraud Claims Surface with Birkie Results

April 1, 2021
A number of skiers have banded together to file a class action lawsuit, claiming fraudulent Birkie results. The skiers cite instances of other skiers not showing photo ID when picking up bibs, and irregularities with the Noinimod timing systems. Claims of massive virtual Birkie fraud have also been lodged.

New Gator-Glide Introduced

April 1, 2021
The huge boom in Nordic skiing has finally drawn the attention of Gatorade, which this week introduced it's first multi-use product: Gator-Glide. The 8 oz liquid dispenser works as a glide wax (14F-28F), and also doubles as an energy replacement drink. Rival Clif Bar is said to be working on a similar dual purpose product (kick wax/nutrition bar).

New Lockdown Fever Hits Trailhead

April 1, 2021
Minneapolis Park Board Police had to fend off an attack on the Trailhead building recently, as skiers tired of lockdown restrictions attempted to gain access to the building. Said one of the rioters, "We demand our constitutional right to heated bathrooms!"

New Bolshunov Defects

April 1, 2021
World Cup champion Alexander Bolshunov has reportedly defected to Norway after the World Cup finals and is said to be rooming with Johannes Klaebo until he gets settled. FIS has assigned a technical delegate to ensure both athletes "stay in their lane".

New Retro Grooming

April 1, 2021
With an increased emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly methods, PistenBully has developed PB700 grooming boots. With a rechargeable battery pack that heats the boot, including the carbon sole, they allow the user to create handmade (footmade) classic tracks. Early order pricing on the boots is $1795/pr.

New NYTimes: Nordic Skiing Drives Lumber Shortage

April 1, 2021
Wondering why the price of a standard 2x4 soared over the past few months? Reporter Nina Stilsson finds a direct correlation between a recent Popular Mechanics article on how to build your own cross-country skis and the shortage of 2x4 lumber.