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Bruce Vento Trail
Saint Paul, MN
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Also known as the Swede Hollow trail and the BN (Burlington Northern) trail. This is a 3 km out and back for a total of 10 km. You can start at either end although I like starting at the northern end. Start is at Prosperity and Johnson Parkway. Best place to park is in the Phalen Shopping Center parking lot or the tennis court parking at Maryland and Johnson Pkw. The trail winds down behind 3M and the old Strohs brewery, with a spring along side about half way to the end. Just past the brewery the trail splits (makes a loop), the left is a steep downhill, the right is gradual (the trail is down hill all the way). The end is at Payne Av. and 7th street, there is a parking lot at that point. (Submitted by Bill Stuber) Pros: This is a very little used trail with a great loop at the end to do repeats, intervals, etc. As I mentioned it is all down hill from the north end, that means all up hill back. Good shade for hot day training and very little traffic. You never have to cross and auto traffic. You can connect with the Gateway trail via loop around Lake Phalen or the new bike path that follows the rail bed to the right of the lake. Lots of wildlife. Cons: There is construction which leaves dirt on the pavement near the Arcade St. overhead. The trail is isolated, bums sleep under the Arcade St. overpass.
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