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Duluth, MN
1 Lower Lot 1 The Deeps 1 Oak Street
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The Lester-Amity trail offers 15K of varied terrain for beginner to experienced skiers through pine, aspen, and birch forests. An additional 3K circles the Lester Park Golf Course and is accessible from the main Lester-Amity Trail. The openness of the golf course offers an excellent place for beginning cross-country skiers, and several short cuts are available. There is also a 5K trail portion that is lit in the mornings and evenings.
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Sunday, November 20, 2022
Firsthand: Freestyle 
[ B skis ]
Outer loop trails were all definitely ski-able. Probably will want rocks skis if you do the H loop due to a few tree-ice patches. There's a skied-in classic track in parts, but hit or miss. Lumpy bumps and intermittent grass patches are a good early season balance challenge.
(Molly Watkins)
Thursday, November 17, 2022
Firsthand: Classic 
[ B skis ]
A beautiful day to be out. I skied everything on the main loop to the north of A and it was pretty nice. Probably better for classic but both had been done. Past H was dicey and definitely needed my rock skis. If I were to do it again I might turn at H to avoid some of the worst parts of the trail due to low wet spots. Past k there was a dicey down hill to be wary of but it was OK. Lights are active.
(Greg Sumner)
Wednesday, November 16, 2022
[ Trails Open: Most ]
Was out looking for my local owls and discovered the City of Duluth has rolled the trails! Above "The Deeps" the snow coverage looked very good. Don't even try skiing down to the playground from "The Deeps". Under the big white pines the snow coverage is essentially zero.
In addition, I was birding 26 miles north of Two Harbors via Lake Cty. 2 and 15 this morning. It was still snowing very hard and over 12 inches is already on the ground. Any dirt road in that area should be fantastic for skiing. Stony River Forest Road would be my favorite.
(Rich Hoeg)