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The Magney-Snively trail has 14k of trail for intermediate and advanced skiers. This trail offers skiing through a beautiful hardwood forest with large hills and trees. This terrain is rugged and therefore is not recommended for beginners. The trail loops clockwise.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Firsthand: Freestyle 
[ Trails Open: All, Rock skis ]
Rock ski conditions at Magney. It was the first time ever that I've skied on groomed snow at Magney in November. It was very good rock skiing. Rocks and roots are poking through, and many wet spots to dodge. But still very great conditions for November. I highly recommend skiing it this week. It sure beats skiing in circles on manmade snow!
(Joe Gerard)
Friday, October 23, 2020
Firsthand: Classic Scheduling 
[ Rock skis ]
We classic skied the first part of the Magney trail and then to the right this am. Because of the horse trail gravel, the trail is really not skiable unless you go way to the sides where there isn't any gravel. A bike had gone through and bikes are not allowed on the trails. There is sticky snow on the trail and many branches hanging down. Saturday there is a trail trimming at 10:30 through DXC, you need to RSVP to come due to COVID.
(Eve Graves)